Cole: "You Have To Expect Success"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State freshman punter A.J. Cole met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Boston College.

A.J. Cole PC

"The big thing for us is as many different things we can do on that unit the more we can confuse a team or confuse a returner."

"Each one definitely takes its own practice... you definitely have to focus on each, but being able to do the different kinds [of kicks] helps us with that unit."

"I'd say the rolling, rugby [kick is the toughest] roll-ou just because it's bouncing and you have coverage guys in your face. It just depends... if you can get the high spiral it can come down pretty fast."

"We definitely take a lot of pride in our special teams. We came into camp and knew we needed to have great special teams across the board this year."

"My coverage team is awesome. I feel like I have the best coverage team in the nation. Dravious and Josh the gunners are getting down there... I can't thank [the coverage team] a lot because they are making me look better."

"It's definitely paying off."

"I definitely think you have to expect success. You can't be wondering whether or not and once you put in the work you're not necessarily surprised when that happens... you're thankful for it."

"No doubt.  I really haven't had guys in my face all season and that's been awesome.  It starts with the long snap... Benson and Cole Cook back there blocking for me.... my protection has been incredible."

"That gives me the best chance to have the best punt and give the guys a chance to get down there and force the fair catch."

"Wil Baumann has had a huge influence on me since I've been here... he's been a great resource for me.  I came in the spring and he was still here and we went out and kicked a few times."

"Operation time really is a huge thing... in practice you can hit a great ball but if it takes you a year to get off it doesn't matter."

"Just going out there and really focusing... not getting too high or too low."

"The thing about Kyle, every kick he's missed this season I've seen him make a million times in practice.  He has the capability.  He has it all. He's been incredible in practice. He hasn't been performing in the game like he wants to, but we all believe in him. We have faith that he's going to start putting them through. I know that he has the talent... you can't get too high or too low."

"You always... it's a funny thing because you never want to see the punter out there. We have an incredible offense and we've been moving the ball."

"There's no difference in preparation."

"It's a pretty good thing. Everytime I go down there my goal is to help the team as many ways as possible... to help the unit and get the defense in as best position as possible."

"A bunch of the guys in the NFL that I worked with... you watch film of a guy like Ray Guy and see how pure his film was."

"Last season when I was greyshirting I was watching Wil and what he was doing.  He had an incredible season."

"You look at the percentage of teams scoring points backed up inside their 20, it's slim."

"Field position will be a big part of the game on Saturday."

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