Doeren: "It's A Great Challenge"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Boston College.

Dave Doeren PC

"New week and another new challenge with Boston College. A new opportunity for our team."

"A really good football team defensively, one of the top in the country in several categories... a physical front seven."

"They are strong. They play physical in the trenches and it's definitely a line-of-scrimmage game from that standpoint."

"They are first in the nation in rushing defense so you can't be one-dimensional."

"We have to be able to mix it up and do the different things we're able to do within our offense and keep them from helping their offense with field position. They've done a nice job of creating second-longs and third-longs... they've got 29 sacks which leads the ACC."

"It's a great challenge and opportunity for our offensive staff and our offensive players."

"Their offense presents a lot of different gap schemes and stretch and zone schemes with different types of things going on in the backfield."

"They've got two quarterbacks that run pretty well and Flutie comes in and runs more of a traditional scheme."

"The o-line plays hard... we'll prepare to play [Smith].  He's an excellent athlete."

"They've blocked three punts so our punt team has to do a great job of protecting A.J. who was in here earlier."

"We're a team fighting to get to win No. 6 and historically I know you guys have asked the players already, it's been a tough place historically to play."

"Since 2005 when they've joined the league we're 0-5 there as a program. Similar to Wake Forest, that's something we'd like to change. That's the opportunity we have in front of us as a program."

"We have to rise up and play hard for each other... execute the plan. Both teams are +2 in turnover margin."

"We're top five in the nation in turning the ball over... knock on wood."

"Defensively we continue to force fumbles and not recover them. We have to get better at that. 16 forced fumbles and only three recoveries... we need to find a way to get some interceptions."

"I don't know on Matt Dayes or Jack Tocho.  I will know sometime hopefully tonight but definitely by tomorrow if we'll have them or not for the game. They both are getting treatment right now and see the docs tonight."

"As for Will, I suspended him and time will tell on how long that will go.  That's where we're at with those situations.  Other than that we came out of the game healthy."

"We know Tyler knows what to do. We know he's excited. He's played enough now where he's not nervous about the opportunity. He just has to go out there and execute it... you have to be ready. I'm excited to see what he can do."

"It's disappointing because for back-to-back games we've had the same lineup and now we're changing that. I hope that the fact that Tony and Tyler have played next to each other it's not as big a deal."

"We're trying to definitely redshirt McGirt.  Workman has been on our field goal team and he can't do that at this point. Alex Barr would probably play right tackle if something happened and we'd rotate one of the guards into the game just because Alex has been out there and been in a lot of games at that position."

"Extremely happy... it's a blessing to be able to practice when you need to on a day like today. It's good for recruiting. We had several recruits at the game this weekend and we know them and their parents were impressed with the facility."

"We have such a small window with our class schedules and tutoring, those things."

"The approach that we've taken all year is the opponent is faceless.  We've had a lot of games where people have asked how you're going to get up for this game. Obviously for us we have to worry about what we can do.  I've had that approach all year and it's not any different. That approached worked at Wake and I hope we can take that approach to another place where we haven't played well."

"We did play hard and never quit. The guys battled for four quarters and there are things we can build off that game."

"We'll take those things forward and try to get everyone back where they need to be so we can have a great road trip to Boston."

"I don't know. There are some places you see it.  You see guys making plays in space on some pretty good players for them. That part has changed."

"I thought our offensive line battled up front with those guys... he blitzes a ton, brings a lot of different things at them and I thought he handled it pretty well."

"We still need to get that tall outside receiver they have where you can out-run their coverages and go over the top of people. We're not at that point yet."

"We have to continue to recruit and develop. We're closer than we were, but we're not there yet."

"Coming out of the game last week we didn't know if we'd have Jerod... we didn't have him until Wednesday at practice... him and M.J. We felt like for us to get our best two linebackers on the field it was Airius at MIKE and Riley at WILL."

"We wanted to rotate them and keep them fresh."

"We think we'll [have Salahuddin].  The trainer said yesterday he thought we would."

"At the beginning of the year everyone was asking why you need so many running backs and now you know. Sometimes you have injuries at a position where it can impact your team."

"We're fortunate that Jaylen Samuels has the skillset that he does because he can go back there and carry the load if that's what we need him to do.  Dakwa Nichols and Reggie are going to have to have a bigger role then they've had at those spots.  It's time for Reggie to play and hopefully play more.  We'll see how he prepares and how he practices.  He just needs to be able to not think and play."

"To take Jaylen Samuels' role and give it to someone else. I don't know if we have somebody like that.  He does a ton of stuff."

"There will be other players we substitute in and out."

"A little bit depends on how Dakwa and Reggie practice.  If they can be true tailbacks back there and we can leave Jay Sam in the H, we can do that. To run the ball 20 times and have Jay Sam get all 20 carries, that would force us to put other people in those stats."

"They do it to everybody.  If you can't make plays on the perimeter it's a really, really difficult game because they are going to lock you out inside."

"We have to be balanced.  Last year early in the game before the crazy weather we were doing that... that hurt what our gameplan was going to be."

"We have to be able to throw it on first and second down some... you can't get in third-long because that's a tough day against their defense."

"Clemson was only giving up 14 points a game and our offense was able to double that so it gives them some confidence."

"I don't think the offensive players feel like in the other games we haven't scored that the defense was able to shut us down."

"There weren't offensive penalties, I think there was one... other than that they were really clean."

"We have to be able to do the same thing on the road."

"Everyone they've played they've handled inside pretty well."

"I try not to be a whiner and send in everything... that's really all I've ever tried to do. I want to be aggressive as a coach but I want to know how it's going to be called so I can coach it to that technique."

"When I see a penalty called on us and it's not called on them I'll send them in and ask what's the difference."

"It's not easy... but they are very professional, will write us back and tell us."

"Dennis does a nice job with his guys and I know he wants us to have the best we can get officiating wise."

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