PACK PRIDE Q&A: Juston Burris

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Pack Pride caught up with senior cornerback Juston Burris prior to the game against Boston College.

It seemed like against Clemson you were on an island. They did not look like they wanted to throw at you. Is that the impression you got as well?
I guess. Maybe it was in their scheme to go to away from that side. I don’t want to say they didn’t want to come at me, but it seemed a couple of plays didn’t come my way.

When you are in a situation where you are not as involved in the action how do you take it?
I take it as I am helping my defense out--cutting off one side of the field. That is helping coach with his calls. That just shows what side they are going to. I feel like I am helping out the defense a lot.

Many on the defense were down after the Clemson loss and feeling as though they let the offense down. Is that how you took the loss?
Definitely. Anytime the offense scores 41 points, you have got to win that game 100 percent of the time. We didn’t do what we had to do. That is on us three seniors [Mike Rose and Hakim Jones] to rally the team around us and really shut down that Clemson offense but it is a high-powered offense and I give credit to them. They have got some good players on their side but there is no way we should give up 56 points.

Has that gave you guys incentive going into the Boston College game?
Definitely. It is another ACC game. We are trying to go out and get another ACC win and become bowl eligible. That is really the biggest thing right now.

This season the theme has been to ‘Raise the Bar’ and you did that with the win in Winston-Salem--a place NC State has struggled. The Wolfpack have also struggled at Chestnut Hill. Iis that something your team has talked about heading into the matchup?
We are taking that to heart. Obviously we have not done well there. I think the last five times we have been up there we haven’t won and I have been a part of one. Just going into my senior year, I want to get out of there with a win and just because it is an ACC game we are trying to win all that we can and become bowl eligible. It is a big game for that.

After two-thirds of the season where do you think NC State is? Is this where you hoped it would be?
I think we have left some things on the table. Obviously a couple of wins that we should have had but we are where we are. You can’t go back on it. We have got four games left and hopefully we can get those four wins.

Looking at those four games, is there an opportunity to still do something special? NC State has only reached double-figures in wins once in school history. Obviously if you won out, you would have nine and with a bowl win you would have 10. You could also, at least, potentially tie the second-most with nine wins. Is that something still on the table?
Every time we go out we are looking to win. Even Clemson coming in at No. 3 in the country, we were confident we were going to win that game. To see how we came out and how the offense played, we played them close for a while there. There was never any doubt in us that we were going to win that game. That is how we go into every game. So, for these next four games, we are looking to win and we think we will.

Do you think in looking back at last year’s Florida State game you guys will use that to perhaps do better against Boston College than the Wolfpack did at Clemson?
Yes because we are a second half team. We have a four game season and we are looking to go 4-0 in this third of the season and just finish the season strong.

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