Jacoby Brissett and NC State's offense must be productive if they are going to knock off Boston College. Here are some offensive keys to the game for the Wolfpack against the Eagles.


Create Big Plays
NC State's facing Boston College without Matt Dayes so expect the running game to have a substantial drop-off against arguably the top defense in the country.  

So, what does the offense need to do?  Find ways to generate easy scoring opportunities because they likely won't be able to grind out drives against the Eagles.

The good news for NC State is since the bye week they've been an offense that's generated big scoring plays.  NC State scored six touchdowns of 28 yards or longer versus Wake Forest and Clemson, and you know that's a focal point against Boston College.

Look for the Wolfpack's offense to try and be a quick-strike offense on Saturday because very few teams have had a lot of success grinding away at BC's defensive front.

Limit The Mistakes
Boston College is one of the worst teams in the country offensively.  In fact, they might have the worst offense of any team in a Power 5 Conference.

What does that have to do with NC State's offense?  Well, the Wolfpack's offense can't help out Boston College's offense.  NC State has to find a way to limit mistakes and turnovers against BC so they don't give a suspect offense great field position or easy scoring opportunities.

Boston College has forced nine interceptions and recovered six fumbles this season... it's an opportunistic group.  

Jacoby Brissett and the Wolfpack offense must find a way to balance creating big plays with taking care of the football.

Stay Aggressive
Being explosive relies on the offense remaining aggressive, and NC State must do that.

Jacoby Brissett has played with more aggression and the offense has prospered.  After scoring just 13 points against Virginia Tech and Louisville, Brissett's group totale 35 points and 41 points in the last two games.  The difference has been opening up things for Brissett.

Prior to those two games he hadn't attempted more than 28 passes in a season.  He attempted 34 and 41 passes respectively versus Wake Forest and Clemson.  That aggression led to five passing touchdowns and zero interceptions.

It's really simple for NC State. If they beat Boston College it's going to be because they were successful through the air.  Few teams run on the Eagles, especially with their third-string tailback.

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