LOCKER ROOM REPORT: Wolfpack Players

BOSTON, MA -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over Boston College.

Jacoby Brissett
"I knew we had other options that are good players that can step up."

"The guys that came in did a good job, especially in pass protection."

"That was so stupid.  That's what you're going to probably tell me... that was really stupid."

"That was the main thing... just bouncing back."

"He's a really good explosive player for us."

Mike Rose
"I think they played pretty good.  I'm very proud of the linebackers and DBs... it took all 11 and they did a great job."

"We had five? I didn't know that."

"After B.J. got his first I kind of realized that things were about to get good."

"We put them in a situation where they had to throw the ball."

"The program has a big future ahead of it."

Juston Burris
"That was the call all week... we were trying to show them that we were the best defense on the field."

"I thought we showed that we were the best defense on the field."

"The whole house got a pick.  It was great."

"Mike is doing great.  As a senior you're supposed to be playing your best ball this year."

Jaylen Samuels
"I think I handled it pretty good.  There were a lot of plays I could have handled better."

"When we get into that formation... when we fake the jet it opened a hole for Reggie and he scored a big touchdown for us."

"It was great blocking... everybody blocked it up and they fit outside... the hole was wide open."

"All week he had been practicing at tailback."

Reggie Gallaspy
"We feel sorry for Matt, but like you said it has to be the next man up."

"We always prepared the same way at practice, all the running backs."

"We still have Jay Sam back there playing as he's been playing all year.  Nyheim can get back there and replace Matt, Nyheim has the same type of skills."

"Matt has been very supportive of me and the rest of the running backs."

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