Doeren: Great Progress For Our Football Team

BOSTON, MA -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the win over Boston College.

Dave Doeren PC
"We knew that their defense was really good so we had to play top-notch."

"We held them to I think 28 yards rushing so if you can do that to BC... they are good at running the ball."

"We tackled well and forced a guy that's not known for throwing the ball to have to throw it."

"We had 139 yards rushing and they were only giving up like 80.  That's pretty good.  Could it have been better? Yeah, but against that defense that's pretty solid."

"We had over 100 yards more than what people normally get... I think they give up 240 or 250... it was a pretty good day offensively considering what we were going up against."

"We are... but I challenged our team at the beginning of the season.  I said there were two games we needed to win to show progress. It had been 12 years since we won at Wake and 10 years since we won here in Boston. We were able to accomplish both this season and to me that's great progress for our football team."

"Our goal is to be better than we were a year ago.  Last year we won seven in the regular season... we have to keep fighting and swinging to see if we get there."

"Seniors have to play like seniors.  I've challenged him when we got to ACC play.  Last year T.Y. McGill, Art Norman and Thomas Teal played great ball for us."

"The whole team celebrated. They were so happy for that kid... that was big for him, confidence-wise."

"He's such a dynamic kid that does a lot of things... you don't know where he's going to line up and it's hard to zero in."

"I thought Reggie and Dakwa both ran the ball well today."

"They kept a safety over the top of us so there wasn't a lot of room for the tight end."

"He's fine.  He got rolled up... he was dancing with everybody in the locker room."

"He's a deep-ball guy.  He has good speed, he really does. We need him and Nyheim to be deep threats because they are the fastest guys we have on offense."

"We hope to have [Boone] next week, but Josh Jones played a great game today."

"They blocked it very well and no one touched him."

"We have to get [Hines] touches... we have to find the way to get the ball in his hands."


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