Doeren: "They Are Excited"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren discussed the upcoming game against Florida State with the media today.

Dave Doeren PC

"I challenged both offensive and defensive lines to win the trenches, and I felt like we did. We averaged four yards per carry."

"Defensively, seven sacks, 13 tackles for a loss... I think there was 115 yards of lost yardage that we created for their offense.  To me that was the game."

"The takeaways were nice from a field position standpoint, but unfortunately we didn't get any points from them."

"The guys were excited. We came out of the game healthy, which was nice for a change."

"[Florida State] is a team that has always been one of the best teams in the country."

"Probably one of the best tailbacks in the country not just the conference in [Cook]... a really, really good football player that makes a lot of plays."

"Defensively they are athletic and long... they play a lot of guys.  They are scoring over 30 points a game on offense so ther are a lot of challenges that go into playing there."

We've been good on the road so we'll practice all week with the noise."

"They are a really good first-quarter team... they open both halves playing good football on both sides of the ball."

"Both quarterbacks have done a good job of not turning the ball over.  Maguire has played the last two games. I'm not sure how that's going to be in the game. I haven't heard."

"I'm not sure if we'll see him and Golson or one or the other... obviously there's a difference in their running abilities, but the offense doesn't change a lot."

"The middle linebacker, No. 5 Northrup is their leading tackler... probably one of the best DBs in the country in Ramsey. 18 pass breakups, which is amazing."

"Another challenge like we've seen. We've seen some really good defenses in the last six weeks... a lot of man-to-man coverage and cover 2... they don't do a ton."

"I think we play more guys than they do, especially inside [on the defensive line].  It would be hard for me to compare. I think our guys have done a really good job and we've got better... just to be compared to them is saying something to be honest with you. Our production up front in a lot of games has been really good."

"We'll have a challenge this week because they do max protect and they'll try to double-team multiple people... crossing routes down the field, we call scissor routes, and deep-overs."

"Guys that have single blocks have to win."

"[Bradley] Chubb had his best game of the year. It was a really productive game for him, and he's playing with a lot of confidence.  He and Mike Rose have a pretty good competition."

"Kentavius and Justin Jones are complementing each other well."

"Monty Nelson had his best game since he was injured a year ago."

"If we can keep those guys competing against each other and taking pride in their production it helps our defense a lot."

"He played as good as he's played for us.  He was better than the last time he started a game.  I'm not exactly sure why... is it the reps that he's got?  He did a good job.  He got beat, gave up our only sack, but he battled. He was more physical, finished more blocks than he had in the game before. I was proud of him for that.  That's progress.  The o-line, to only give up one sack in that game, it says a lot against that front. They are a pretty good front."

"I think even in the games they didn't play well they believed they could have played better. I think they felt like they left some things out there."

"They take pride, they play hard, and they care about each other."

"We knew in the Boston College game that punting wouldn't be a bad play."

"Scoring 24 points against that defense is pretty good. No one likes to be 3-and-out 7 times, but they weren't turnovers, and that was a big deal."

"It's fun to see just with the injuries just the way other guys stepped up."

"I think so. There are still a couple of guys that were here when they beat them here and most of our guys were here when we played tight with them a year ago."

"We didn't play well down there my first year here, but we didn't play well a lot of games that year."

"We have a good confidence, not just with playing them, but how we're playing."

"They also saw a team that played toe-to-toe with Clemson... we know how good they can be."

"We could be tied with the winningest road team all-time in NC State history if we can win this game. That's what it's all about... how can you create history?  What's your legacy... of the 2015 team going to be?"

"Winning this game would give us the right to say that we're tied as the all-time winningest road team in NC State history."

"They are excited."

"It is... I don't know the number when they won down there last time... ten years, so it's been a decade since the program has been able to do that."

"We have nine seniors that are playing pretty good ball."

"This is another opportunity."

"He's having a great season for us.  He's so steady and that's what you want.  You want a guy that plays the A gap and doesn't lose his gap, gets off blocks, and makes tackles.  He's kind of having the year he has as a person. He works hard everyday and is the same guy.  You never hear a negative thing about him, on or off the field. I love to have a lot of guys like that on our team."

"With Will, I re-instated Will.  He'll have a chance to earn his way back on the field."

"I told him he has to earn it in practice because Tyler played well, but his suspension was lifted yesterday."

"[Jack Tocho] will play. He was cleared on Friday, but he just didn't practice all week."

"Niles plays the nickel and corner, and it allows us to get Niles back in there."

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