NC State head coach Dave Doeren fielded questions from the media on the ACC's weekly teleconference.

Opening Statement:
Proud of our players and our staff for getting the win at BC, playing the way we did against a really good defense.

Offensively we were able to score really double what they give up, rush for about double what they give up. Defensively I think we had 20 snaps. We made plays in their backfield.

For us to be able to go up there, it had been 10 years since they joined the conference, State hadn't won a game up there. Felt like we got better as a program and did it the way we wanted to from a physical standpoint. We’re able to come out of a game healthy for the first time in a while.

Came back, got our last road game this week playing a really good Florida State football team, their homecoming. Very fast, athletic team that just played a really emotional, hard-fought game against a good opponent and played them really well with Clemson.

We know we got our hands full this week. We got to play our best football, and look forward to the opportunity to go down there and try to do it.

Obviously your running game took another major loss there recently. What is the state of it now? How good or not do you feel about it in the wake of Matt's injury?
All I can do is base it off of what we did a week ago. We ran for 130 yards against the number one rushing defense in the nation. I'd say we did okay. We'll see how we did this week.

In week one with them out, I thought we performed pretty well.

The depth you've had at running back this year, the quality depth, was that a pleasant surprise to you at all or did you have a hunch it was going to be that deep of a spot?
No, that's what everyone kept asking me, What are you going to do with all these running backs?

I said, I hope I don't have to find out, but if I do, we'll be happy we have them and that's where we're at. We knew that Shad and Matt were going to be a good 1-2 punch. We got rid of Shad after he made another mistake. We felt like Matt would be really good.

Jaylen Samuels has always been a guy we put the ball in his hands and trusted him in a lot of ways. Moving him to running back was a pretty natural thing to do. Reggie Gallaspy's continued to gotten better and so has Dakwa Nichols.

We're fortunate to have the depth we have there and excited about what these guys have been able to do with the opportunity.

With running the ball, getting it into the end zone specifically against the nation's top defense despite the injuries to your backfield, what you can say about the depth and talent and the ability this team has even when your top guy is out?
Well, I think you start with the O-line. Proud of them because you're not going to get yards with any backs if they don't handle their business.

It all ties together on offense. We're excited about not just who we're playing with, but who we're developing in our program. Injuries is kind of when you see what's been going on behind the scenes. How do those guys handle the opportunities?

Proud of what they did.

As far as your defense going up against Florida State, what can you say about the Seminoles, what they bring, knowing multiple quarterbacks have been successful, multiple running backs have been successful, how you prepare for that?
They're really good.

Jimbo has done a great job every year he's been there. They got great talent, they have depth. They've been a top five recruiting class for five or six years. An injury is not really going to change them a whole lot. Their quarterbacks are both taking care of the football. They've only thrown two interceptions the entire season, which is really impressive.

Their receivers do a good job. They got three guys that have caught 35 balls or more and all of them are averaging over 12 yards a catch.

The biggest difference between this year and last year is the tight end. Obviously he's a lot different than what they had. Jameis is a very prolific passer. They're still throwing the ball down the field. They're averaging 30 points a game and it's not all in the run game.

Their run game, defending Dalvin Cook, he's averaging over eight yards a carry, has actually been more effective in ACC play than he was earlier. Can you talk about the challenges he presents.
He's a great player. I mean, he's fast. He's hard to tackle. He's been hard to tackle since he's been in high school. He's a very, very good running back. He's not going to let you get him down easy.

It's going to be a fight. He's got a good leg drive, spin move, stiff arm. He's fast. If you miss him in a run, you pay for it. He's as good a back as there is. Him and Gallman at Clemson I think are terrific players.

The positive for us is we play against good backs in practice every day. Our scout team running back Johnny Frasier is unbelievable right now. The kid is really doing a good job. We're getting a good look preparing for them. It's just going out there and getting him on the ground.

Does it make it even tougher that they brought the freshman, Patrick, starting to play, gives them a different look at tailback?
Well, not really. I mean, they had big backs last year, too, that would come in the game. When you play Jimbo, he's going to be balanced, he's going to throw it down the field, he's going to establish his run game, have some good perimeter plays that you got to tackle people in space on.

Like I said, they've got a bunch of good players. Big backs. Last year were good players for them, too.

Patrick is a lot like Dalvin. He's a very, very established player in high school. Everybody wanted him. We have to tackle well in this football game. Probably just as important is leveraging the edges. We have to do a great job of turning the ball back and tackling them.

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