Doeren: "That's The Challenge"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Thursday's practice.

"I think he's playing as good as I've seen him play.  He's taking care of the football and hes' very accurate."

"I haven't seen a quarterback as accurate as him down the field in the last four games."

"He's really throwing the ball well and giving his guys a chance. That's all you can ask for."

"He's playing really hard.  It's all over the film, how hard he wants to win... stiff-arming linebackers and making plays but yet still making good decisions with the football."

"I think going back to what happened... you go through the progression of what we've done.  Our first year we didn't play well down there and last year we played well and didn't win.  Now we have to take another step, see if we can do better than we did a year ago.  That's all this is, trying to do better than we were last year.  That's the challenge."

"It's been a good week for both of them.  Will was obviously very humbled by what he just went through and continues to go through, and Tyler took advantage of the opportunity. They both will play in the game. How much? We'll have to see what Mike [Uremovich] feels and how they are looking, but Tyler has really had a good week."

"I think that rule is really a challenging rule.  At what point is it the ground can't cause a fumble?  He caught it and took three steps with the ball."

"[Joe Thuney] is having an all-conference season.  He's playing at a high level.  I haven't seen a tackle play better than him on tape. To me he's deserving of all-conference.  He hasn't given up sacks against very, very good competition. We've played four or five Top 10 defenses in the country and a bunch of good defensive ends.  He's not just holding his own, he's dominating some of those guys.  I'm proud of what he's done and I hope he can continue to do it to finish out his senior year."

"Phenominal.  [Johhny Frasier is] who we thought he'd be when we recruited him now.  He's healthy, he's lost weight, and he's playing hard.  The game has slowed down.  If he was like this in fall camp he'd be playing right now.  He's unbelievable right now.  He's giving us a great look. He's going to be a really good player. I'm really excited about his future.  Some guys when they come from 1-A football have to see the game change... it took him a while and now he's in a great place."

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