Gottfried: "We're Disappointed"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to William & Mary.

"We're disappointed, and we have a long way to go. We learned tonight that we have a long way to go."

"The Sweet 16 run is a year in the past.  It's in the rear-view mirror, and we better figure out with this team how it needs to play, and how we can get better, and we better figure it out quickly."

"Tonight I think you saw a very experienced, well-oiled machine playing against a very inexperienced team that didn't handle the adversity real well."

"They were making every shot and playing really well... I thought at that point we began to get really hurried... not trusting our offense.  We had some breakdowns defensively."

"We were trying to make a 10-point shot every trip... we dug ourselves into a deeper hole. We need to learn to have some poise."

"Respond better... I'm not talking about guys barking at each other... I'm talking about having poise to execute our offense and make adjustments defensively."

"We looked like a very inexperienced, young team today."

"That's a good team too.  I have a hard time seeing those guys lose a lot of games in their conference. They played awfully well tonight."

"We'll find out.  I told our guys after the game that I know they are disappointed, but the answer will be in how hard we work, how hard we pay attention, and how they learn to trust the offense."

"You can't take it for granted... it doesn't work that way. This team has to find its own identity."

"Terry got hurt and made us short-handed.  Hopefully he's not going to be out a long time.  We'll find out more tomorrow."

"Cat struggled tonight."

"What I know at this point is the X-Rays they did in the building were negative.  They took him to the hospital and are doing some additional X-Rays.. hopefully there are no fractures."

"We have our fingers crossed."

"Hopefully we'll get some good news here but we don't know at this point."

"We had some absolute breakdowns defensively... it was as if we never practiced today... but we have to get ourselves ready to play on Sunday evening. It's a long year."

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