Gottfried: "We Did Some Things Well"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over South Alabama.

"Well I thought we were obviously better than we were a couple of nights ago."

"We just have such a long ways to go."

"Tonight we took a step forward, which was nice."

"Offensively we have to learn how to run the offense, learn how to find each other, and learn how to get everybody great shots for their game.  Everybody doesn't shoot the same shots."

"Tonight, we did some things well."

"I think it was a quick turnaround...the point of emphasis for us was learning to stay with the offense."

"What happened the first night was we had no poise at all."

"Our emphasis tonight was everybody get involved in rebounding. It was nice to see him do that.  They are very athletic... they get the ball off the backboard."

"I thought Cat played a great game tonight.  He was a floor general, got us into our offense, controlled tempo... I thought he played really well."

"Yeah, but I need him healthy, that's the most important thing I need. Plus I would have had Chris Corchiani mad at me if I hadn't got Christopher in there."

"Maverick, Caleb, Cody... even though Shaun didn't come in... we need him, we need them all. It's hard to replace a guy like Terry."

"Life moves on. We're not going to pout about it.  I feel terrible for Terry. It breaks my heart for the guy. He sat out all of last year and then six minutes into the game... but everybody has to step forward."

"We're in a year where the emphasis on officiating will be to call a lot of fouls, and we're not a deep team."

"We have a lot to teach, and those guys have a lot to learn, but we did some good things today."

"I really liked the fact that we just kept running. We didn't slow down, we didn't get conservative. I wanted those guys to keep running... let's get up-and-down the floor."

"Defensively, we did good things but there are a lot of things we can get better on. We held them to a really low percentage, but we can get better there too."

"Just teaching our guys some things."

"We went to our zone defense and they sometimes think it's a high school game where you can just stand there and hope the other team misses."

"That's kind of our team this year. We have some guys that really have to learn a lot about how to be an effective player... but we're getting there."

"I didn't think [Abu] was as engaged tonight. I got to figure out how to get him engaged all the time.  He's such a sweetheart kid... we've got to get him a little more tougher, a little more fire all the time. He has such great talent and ability, and I thought that's why he got fouls, he was a little bit nonchalant. That's my charge with him. I have to find a way to get him to a high level all the time because he has such great potential."

"With Cat, really with any of them.  It's the shot we've sen everyday and it's a high percentage shot I'll take it."

"For him, when he flies down the court and stops there at the foul line on the break, that's as high percentage shot for him I'd take, outside of a layup."

"Cat will find that groove a little bit more."

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