Chubb: "We Have To Finish"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore defensive end Bradley Chubb discusses the upcoming game against Syracuse.

"It's real good to be at home... being on the road a lot you miss your homefield advantage."

"The last two times we were at home in the ACC we weren't able to get the job done so we want to get the job done these next two times."

"I feel like our attitude towards practice and towards the game... the whole season no one had put that many points on us and it really hit us."

"We're all in throughout practice... stop the ball mentality in every game we play after that."

"Not really... you want to play every game that you have on the schedule.  You don't want to look forward. You want to focus on one opponent."

"As a defense we've put all of our focus on Syracuse. We're not looking ahead at all."

"It causes us to be more disciplined and we have to play with our eyes more... the read option they have goes by fast so we have to be focused and disciplined with that."

"We have to focus on the eye control and all the little details."

"We haven't been playing that many option teams lately."

"It definitely is a plus in our confidence. Coach Hux... he's been preaching turnovers and turnovers... it's been more of a focus while we were in the game."

"It's given us a lot of confidence."

"If we give the offense the ball back they can do something with it."

"He texted me and said I could have scored.  He was happy for me. All he said was next time stay in bounds and run it in."

"It's pretty much the same. We have to finish. In the Florida State game we definitely could have won but we got away from the small things."

"If we had finished we could have probably come out with the win."

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