Thuney: "It's Always A Challenge"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior tackle Joe Thuney discusses the upcoming game against Syracuse.

"It's an honor to honor [the military].  I'm excited to wear them."

"You're pretty accurate.  I don't wear a lot of different... all the extra stuff. As long as it has NC State on it I'm happy."

"There are no easy wins in the ACC. We watched film from Clemson and they are playing with a lot of heart, a lot of energy. They are flying around the field."

"We know they are going to come out here and play hard and physical."

"Momentum is huge... it's huge to send the seniors out right and set the tone for next year too. I think it's important to finish strong."

"I think it can happen. We're not trying to look ahead though. We're trying to focus on beating Syracuse."

"We're trying to take it one game at a time, and when we're finished at the end look back at it."

"You can't really do anything about the past.  We're playing with who we have and we're very happy with who we have... just looking to play each game the hardest with who we have on the field."

"They bring a lot of pressure.  Their front four is very physical and their linebackers are active as well. They stuck with Clemson the whole game so that's a testament to their offense and defense as a whole."

"They started pressuring us more in the second half... it's always a challenge which is what makes the game exciting."

"Flying everywhere... it feels weird, that's the last away ACC game in my career so it was kind of weird, but I'm glad we'll end the year with two home games."

"There will only be eight more quarters played there in my career. Hopefully I can make the best of them."

"Urgency.  We have to have the same urgency we had last week for this week and prepare the same way... hopefully get a better result."

"We're very aware of that fact and will play hard for that."

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