Gottfried: "That Was A Good Win"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over IUPUI.

"That was a good win. The most importan thing from my perspective, last Friday we got carved up like a side of fries. We got a little better on Sunday and we were a little better today so I do see improvement."

"This game was close because we couldn't make foul shots. We have to be a lot better at the foul line.  It's real simple."

"We can't step up to the foul line and miss as many foul shots as we have and really be a good team."

"Defensively... we're getting better there."

"Offensively we're going to be a team that can hopefully improve a lot with so many newer-type players."

"Steps in the right direction, but we know we have a long way to go."

"If you look at our team, BeeJay has traditionally struggled some at the foul line and he has to get better.. he's working on it."

"Those guys should be good foul shooters, and I think we should be a really good foul shooting team."

"Defensively tonight I think we're a team that at times looks really good. There was a stretch... I thought we just shut them down, and BeeJay was a factor around the rim."

"He's young, he has fresh legs. I think he's fine." 

"In the first half or second half I'm thinking I have to get him out of there and timeouts have come... he's resting through timeouts."

"Some guys can be 38, 40-minute guys and still be very effective. Cat's that way in practice.  He never gets tired, never looks tired, and always seems to have that burst of speed."

"We like to play good teams and we'll play some from Power 5 Conferences.  We try to strategically play good teams."

"The next game is a challenge, those two in Brooklyn will be challenges."

"We need to figure out how to improve, everyday."

"I think without Terry it's going to kind of be a situation where there could be some games where foul trouble maybe plays a factor."

"Maverick is a fun player. He's a fun guy to coach.  He's aggressive, he's tough-minded... he'll step up and play well."

"Shaun needs practice time."

"We just have to adjust without Terry."

"I don't think so. I think everybody is coming in and staying fresh. We just have to get better. I have to demand that we get better, and I think we can."

"The little guy Combs... he was the focus for us. I thought two or three times we kind of switched and almost doubled him and they got a couple of throwbacks where those guys made some three's."

"We were going to live with a couple of those because we didn't want Combs to get going... he ended up with five points. Sometimes you pick your poison a little bit. For us, it was probably a little bit where our focus was on Combs."

"Obviously I didn't expect to get carved up like we did on the first night, which we did."

"If you think about our team, you have three juniors, three sophomores, and two guys who five months ago were getting ready to play high school basketball."

"That's who we are and so there's going to be a lot of room for improvement."

"I look at Maverick right now and am I taking for granted that he's getting 15 every night?"

"We're a team that... we're going to learn a lot about ourselves in the first six, eight, ten games.  We have to be ready."

"There's a lot to learn with this team."

"It's fun going to practice everyday. They are willing and eager."

"Still has to get a little tougher... the term is a sense of urgency. He has so much potential, so talented.  Just have to get that fire in his belly the whole time. He'll get there, so we'll see."

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