Doeren: "We've Had A Good Week"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media following Thursday's practice.

"It's gone really fast. So much happens in a season, but it goes by. I don't know if it's the number of hours you've worked or just how many things that are packed in."

"This season has gone by so fast. Part of it is enjoying the process, and I've definitely enjoyed the process with these players."

"Nine days, two great opponents. We have a chance to do something we didn't do last year, win eight regular season games, and we have to win seven to make that happen."

"We talked on the road last week about it being their last road game and you could definitely visualize some urgency in their face. These guys care a lot about each other."

"The way that they have talked to younger players, the way that they have demanded certain things, and the way that they've backed it up with their play."

"Mike Rose has made a lot of demands, but he's playing good football.  That's what I told the seniors at the beginning of the year, don't be a guy that says you've got to do this, this, and this, because I'm a senior and you're the one that's not doing it outside the building.  You can't talk like that and not back it up."

"Jacoby has always been a serious guy."

"That's what seniors have to do. That's the responsibility they have.  There is only nine of them, but they are all special guys."

"[Juston Burris] is having a great season.  He's playing the best football I've seen him play, and coach Barlow has done a really good job of building up not just his technique but also his confidence.  Early in his career he lacked confidence. He's always had size and ability, and this year he's playing with a lot of confidence, and he's not letting one bad play affect him.  He got invited to the East-West Shrine Bowl and before the season he was probably not on their list.  He's earned that at this point."

"We call our defense an 11-man defense for a reason. All 11 have to do their part."

"We've had a good week. That hasn't been an issue.  I haven't heard one person talk about what's coming.  They all have the same goal I do, it's to put ourselves in the best position we can be in, in the postseason.  You can't go to next week and lose this one and feel like you've done your job."

"We've challenged them and they've had a good week of practice."

"I met with [Pharoah] yesterday. I've thought a lot about him this week because of what he did in this game last year. Totally different offense we're playing, but Pharoah is a great young man, and that was a turning point in that season last year.  Obviously we've built on that moving forward, and that was a game that put us mentally where we need to be."

"I'd love to get this game to equal last year's win total."

"[Niles Clark] is playing with a lot of confidence right now... I told Niles that he's earned the right to be out there at least 20 snaps a game with his practice.  He'd get an opportunity if he could learn [nickel], and the kid's football IQ is out of the building.  He's so smart and he picked it up so fast.  He's really a smart kid. He'll probably do whatever he wants professionally when it comes to the business world because he's so smart. I think he'd be a great coach because he really understands football."

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