RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after the win over Syracuse.

"I thought that was first-class. Our administration and everybody involved, it was really neat to get off the buses and walk through a line of military like we did.  I thought that was incredible."

"My father and my father-in-law served, my grandfathers' both were, so that was special for me."

"I was proud of the guys for getting win number seven."

"We fumbled the ball on a third down that I thought we'd get and it ended up being pretty interesting. I'm disappointed for that."

"Overall it's good to get that win.  Unfortunate there were so many things going on during the game."

"That's not what the game was supposed to be... I thought we finished the right way there at the end."

"It was fun to be a part of a gameday like that... to see the way they worked all week."

"It was our goal, to be better than we were a year ago, and we've put ourselves in a position to do that."

"Reggie Gallaspy ran behind his pads.  It was fun to see that."

"Jumichael Ramos made the catches he's been making in practice that earned him playing time."

"Juston Burris continues to really play good football for us."

"We look forward to the opportunity coming up next week."

"We knew eventually he'd be a guy that could have four roles: receiver, running back, punt returner, and kick returner... you just can't put too much on a guy early."

"He's been meeting with coach Kitchings more and catching up... he impacted the game today big-time."

"Reggie and Nyheim, two true freshmen, rushed for 153 yards combined.  Nyheim had 69 yards receiving... he impacted the guy quite a bit."

"It was a great play. I know a huge play for him. I'm excited for Darian and it was a big play for our defense to get some momentum."

"Like all true freshmen [Roseboro] has had his moments where he's played really well and he's had his moments where he hasn't played well.  He's 290 pounds and he's strong."

"That's the biggest thing we talked about all week, just do your job."

"We never talked about them all week.  I never sensed a lack of focus one day.  Syracuse playing the way they did against Clemson last week helped us probably."

"It's a chance for us to get win No. 8.  It's a chance for us to play our rival and a chance to play them at home. We're excited about that opportunity."

"That's going to speed up your ability to know how it works on the college campus. I think the hardest thing for these guys is balancing not just football but school, tutoring... all the things that goes into their day."

"What he's doing right now for our football team as a true freshman that wasn't here early is pretty remarkable.  The guy is Top 5 in the nation in kickoff returns and he's playing two, sometimes three positions, with what we do on offense.  He's pretty good."

"I'm really excited about... I've been waiting to see Reggie run behind his pads like that and just driving people back, finishing with pad-level and it was awesome to watch.  We've always known he can do that because it's all over his high school film and in the spring game he did that.  He's just getting more and more confident.  I think that's what it takes. The game starts to slow down and you start to have success."

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