Browne: "We're Going To Play Wolfpack Football"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State senior tight end Benson Browne discusses the upcoming game against North Carolina.

"The final home game... this season has gone by quick. There's not a better way to end it than with your rivals down the street."

"It's been a fun year... my last year.  I'm trying to make the most of it."

"Not really, just focused on who we're playing that week. UNC is doing what they are doing, but we're doing what we're doing now.  It's relevant now because we're playing this week."

"Rivalry games is what college football is all about. These guys are so close to us and we've been going at this for years now.  My time here has been back and forth as far as who wins and who loses.  For my time here I'd like to end it the right way... finish off with a win."

"We just plan on doing what we do... make adjustment as we go.  Statistically they've improved from last year, but statistics are just numbers. We're not here to play numbers. We're here to play football."

"I have a degree in Psychology and a degree in Communications.  I'm looking to either pursue my Master's Degree... I'd like to stay involved in sports."

"If we get eight this year we'd technically be raising the bar, and that's what we want to do."

"The more games you win the better bowl you go to. I'm excited either way."

"My freshman year when I was redshirting we got our fifth win in a row and just taking the field after the game... we lost the next year on that punt return and it burns a hole in my heart everytime I think about it."

"It's been a roller-coaster and it's been really fun. I want to end it the right way."

"It's truly a surreal feeling.  I've had five years feeling it... words can't describe how amazing the feeling is.  You come out of the smoke and you're blinded.  You have to make sure you don't run into the Wolf as soon as you come out, but as soon as you see that you see a sea of Red on both sides."

"These last couple of times have been the most special for me just because I know it's coming to an end."

"It's an amazing feeling, and I get to do it one last time this Saturday.  I'm trying to soak it all up."

"All my immediate family will be there. I actually have a couple of friends from high school coming down for their first game to see me play. I'm excited about that too."

"This has probably been the most amped up game for me."

"They are going to get our best shot, and we're going to give them everything we've got.  Our team has made a pledge to each other to honor our seniors by giving everything they've got as far as preparation. We're going to leave it all out there... everything."

"You could say that defensively because they technically have the same guys but they are playing like a different team and look like a different team out there."

'We're going to scheme them up the best way we feel is the best way to gash their defense with runs and passes. We're going to play Wolfpack football and play physical."

"Statistically-wise we rushed for a ton of yards last year and that's part of what we do. We run the ball hard. We have confidence in our running backs right now."

"We plan to do what we do, and that's be physical."

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