Doeren: "I'm Excited To Be In Senior Week"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

"I'm excited to be in Senior Week for our team. Nine special guys that I'm going to really miss. You're talking about 222 starts and 358 games played.  It's only nine guys, but nine guys that have meant a lot to NC State, our staff, me, and my family."

"Alex Barr, who has been through a lot and worked so hard to improve himself.  He's been a great teammate, and there are a lot of guys in the program who care a lot about him."

"Quinton Schooley transferred here and has played every game since he got here from Butler College.  He's been real tough... leader by example at center. He's a guy who handles himself very professionally off the field... a father."

"Joe Thuney has had a great season at left tackle and a very, very strong career. I'm going to miss those three guys up front."

"I've known Jacoby since he was a ninth-grader. It's going to be sad to see him play in his last game but also exciting to have been a part of the process he's been through."

"Naquan Brown has a  special story and although he hasn't had a lot of plays made on the field he's shown a lot of persistence and heart in our program."

"Benson Browne has been the consumate teammate and such a positive, positive, positive person."

"That's what is going to win the game. Are we going to block better than them? Tackle better than them?  Are we going to throw better than them... catch better than them? Those are the things that are going to win the game. The emotions are important, but those are the things that will win the game."

"It's emotional. My senior year, I remember every play in that game... all of it. I always try to make sure I do everything I can so that my seniors feel great coming off the field for that one."

"These guys put it all in there for you and this class is no different. These seniors are special to me."

"These guys are a part of the foundation of our program. Our APR is up, our graduation rate is up as a football program. We've been able from one year to the next show great improvements statistically in a lot of areas. We've had some challenges on offense with our backfield situation, but our guys have battled."

"There's really been a locker room full of guys that enjoy coming to the building everyday, and that rubs off on the younger players."

"They've been really good leaders. There's no question that Mike Stevens is learning from Juston Burris right now. There's no question about it. There's no question that Tony Adams and Tyler Jones are sitting in that room right now watching Joe Thuney handle his business.  They are great guys who will always be welcome here and we'll want them around us when that day comes."

"Obviously that's what we want to be, we want to win 10 or more right? Everybody wants to have 10 or more wins, that puts you in the elite part of college football.  I'm not really studying what he's done.  Our division is a little different than theirs.  What I have to go up against, we're trying to catch up to Clemson and Florida State so I can get to 10 wins.  That's what I have to do.  Obviously we want to beat UNC every year, they are our rivals, but to get to where I want to be, which is the ACC championship, I have to close the gaps on teams I haven't beat yet and that's Clemson and Florida State.  That to me is where I have to gear our program to get to."

"We've been competitive with those two teams, but we haven't beat them yet. We're continuing to work hard to make that happen. We're trying to be like them, but we aren't there yet.  We're trying hard and we're working at it, we're recruiting well, and our players are getting better.  You see it all over the film, you see it in the statistics, and I'm excited about the progress we're making toward those goals."

"No I don't think so.  I think the year before he said what he said.  If you win the game you can say whatever you want. That's what a rivalry game is.  In his press conference he can say whatever he wants and in mine I can say what I want to say. I didn't lie about anything. That's what I want our program to be, and I believe in that. If you run the ball for 300 yards in a game and win, it says something about you.  That's who we want to be.  Last week we ran for 270 and won the game, I was proud of our guys for that.  Outside of one run they averaged 2 yards a carry in that game and they are a triple-option team. I was proud of our guys for that."

"That's what we want to be about here.  Tough, playing hard, hitting, playing with passion, playing with each other and for each other. I know what our fans are like. I've been out there and walked around our parking lot. I know what our people want.  They want tough kids that represent the program well. It has nothing to do with what they are over there. I don't think I said anything that misrepresents what I feel about NC State."

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