Gottfried: "I'm Proud Of All Of Them"

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the Wolfpack's 83-72 win over No. 17 LSU.

Mark Gottfried PC

"Not letting him get going with his penetration, but what happened was he's so tall and such a great passer a lot of times he'd skip it to the corners and they made some 3's. It's almost like you need to pick your poison a little bit.  

"We were willing to try to eliminate him with his driving lanes, feet in the paint, everybody collectively try to clog it up as best as we could."

"He's a talented guy.  I've watched him play many, many times and I thought our guys collectively as a team did a really nice job with him."

"I'm proud of all of them. I thought [the Martin twins] made some big, big shots and big plays.  Also defensive plays, not just offensive scoring the basketball."

"On the front of the press we'll mix it up and put one of them up there. They have long arms and are quick."

"We're here to win, but at the same time we need to learn how to become a good basketball team. Making a key defensive stop or not turning the ball over at a key time... tonight we took a big step forward for us."

"We're young, and our guys collectively jumped up there and did a nice job. We came together as a team tonight."

"We recognized he had four fouls and we wanted to try to go right at him at that point. I thought Cody did a great job. We iced him, put him on the elbow in an iso play and he didn't settle for the jumpshot.  He went right at him to see if he could try to guard him without fouling. That was a great heads-up play by Cody."

"Phenominal.  I want to say I'm right on this but I think [Cat Barber was] 24-for-26 from the foul line, I think he had 15 assists and three turnovers.  He played 38 minutes last night and I think collectively he played 80 in two nights.  He just played phenominal for us, and he's getting better."

"These guys here have great confidence in him. One thing we all like about Maverick is he's not afraid, not afraid to do what he does, which is to jump up and make a shot. The same way with Caleb, Caleb is confident. I like that. I like confident guys that have courage and are not afraid. Caleb stepped up and made some big shots for us at a key time."

"This team needs everybody. We need Cody to be at his best, Caleb, Cat, Malik... we can't rely on just one guy to play well."

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