Doeren: "We Have To Win The Line Of Scrimmage"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media after Wednesday's practice.

"All the plays these guys make outside of the playbook always concern you. They have a lot of designed runs for him too, he's their second-leading rusher."

"We have to be gap sound, and we have to get off blocks."

"If that happened that would be great for us. We want to create turnovers, and we want to get our offense the ball back,"

"We're going out at a team for a big team Thanksgiving-type meal. We'll come in really early tomorrow and work them out and then let them get to their families."

"They are doing a lot less [on defense].  Last year they did everything and didn't do a lot well. They are playing sound.  They are playing really good pass coverage, tight coverage. Their corners have had a really good season.  There's not a lot of movement, not a lot of pressure until third down, which you would expect."

"They are where they are supposed to be and they are tackling better. They have a staff of guys who have put them in good places and they are playing with better technique."

"There are bragging rights for sure. I don't know at this point how much it matters to some of the guys.  If it comes down to us and them and all they cared about was who won this game, I don't know if that really happens or not."

"It definitely helps to be able to say you won the state. For us it would be two years in a row and that's important for our program."

"I think confidence for them and the staff to see them play that way... when you're putting together your schemes do you have to get the other guys in the backfield as much? I think that definitely helped the confidence of the staff and for those kids to see them play like that it's been a while waiting on it and we're happy they did that."

"The line of scrimmage is going to be a big deal. We have to win the line of scrimmage. I know they are telling their players the same thing. That's really where games are won or lost, up front.  That's what we have to be able to do, we have to play with the mentality that we're going to own the line."

"Both teams are going to battle to try to do that."

"Very consistent, steady. He's in the right place, makes a lot of checks, and he's come up with some key-moment interceptions."

"He's playing with more confidence."

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