RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior guard Cat Barber met with the media after the win over Winthrop.

"My shot hasn't been falling so tonight I felt like I needed to get to the basket more."

"My main thing was getting to the basket tonight."

"He's quick, but it was just one of those nights where I was determined to get to the rim no matter who was guarding me."

"When I get to the basket, I shoot free throws well so I'm just taking it to my advantage."

"At the end they made a little run so coach was telling me to get to the rim."

"I'm very comfortable. I can pick which spots I want to go in and kind of feel what the player guarding me will do coming off screens."

"It helps both because he's so big. On the defensive end if you have a breakdown you know BeeJay is there to block the shot... he helps on both ends."

"Mav stepped up. I think he's come in and done a great job."

"He's stepping up big."

"They are used to playing with each other all their lives, they are twins so I feel like with them both on the floor they have a feel for each other."

"They were making great shots. Cody was in his face that one three he made in the corner... they were making great shots and we came through in the end."

"The dude we played tonight, Gavin, he was crazy. He pulled up from the parking lot one time."

"We don't wan to take a team for granted."

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