Gottfried: "I'm Proud Of Our Team"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Winthrop.

"I thought they did a good job, at least they made it hard for Gavin to get shots up. Wow, I'm still kind of amazed at his performance."

"I'm proud of our team. That's a good team. I've got a good feeling if they stay healthy we'll be watching those guys play championship week in their conference."

"You get a guy to transfer from a D-II school and no one knows who he is. The next thing you know he can play like that."

"Cat was terrific, spectacular again like he has been every night.  I'm so proud of him."

"I thought Maverick made big shots. Cody and Caleb defensively were great."

"Tough win against a pretty good basketball team."

"I'd love to get him to the line as much as possible. He's so quick and he's trying to take advantage of the way the game will be called this year. As long as he stays aggressive and stays healthy I think he'll continue to have a great year."

"The only thing I could say at that point was I got the Twins and said it's on you two guys. You have to guard 44 and 5. We're going to eliminate their catches... I didn't want them to touch it.  He made a couple after that, but they were tough ones.  Cody and Caleb I thought stepped up to the challenge there."

"It's okay at times. Everybody has to learn to play with fouls and I thought defensively he was the difference."

"It was a lot of swearing and cussing."

"Our team has to understand how to play hard every time.  We're getting there."

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