VIDEO: Pack Players Talk Michigan

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media to discuss tonight's game against Michigan.

"We're definitely quiet, especially off the court, but on the court I feel like I'm a different person. I wouldn't say mean, I'd say competitive. I think that's a good way to describe it."

"No, nothing bitter.  That's another thing, when we were playing I was like I've got to get this one."

"Last year I didn't really get that much playing time, I was kind of on and off... it  was frustrating last year but I knew that was something I had to work on during the summer... improve myself."

"I feel like the coaches have more confidence in me, as well as myself, to do more."

"It felt good, especially getting a big win against a ranked team and the No. 1 player in college basketball right now."

"It helps us because Cody is playing a smaller forward and we can use our length."

"It definitely gives Cody a good chance to get out there."

"We'll see how it goes."

"The backdoor he hit me on... little stuff like that. We're getting on the floor more and starting to feel each other out on the court."

"I feel like we're in a good position."

"They run a lot of backdoors... we've been working on that to not happen again. Tomorrow we'll see what will happen."

"I don't know. I feel like I know their faces.  Caleb looks younger than Cody... Cody looks older."

"I know Caleb can shoot the jumper and Cody can attack the basket."

"I didn't find out until just now.  Josh just told me."

"I'll try to win it again."

"Everybody has to be on the same page.  Michigan is a good basketball team.  They are going to come in here and they aren't going to lay down."

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