Gottfried: "We Have To Play Smart"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Michigan.

"There's a lot to like. We're so young and inexperienced in a lot of places that guys are stepping up all over the floor."

"With Maverick and the role he's been thrust in to... what more can you ask of that guy early on?"

"We're playing pretty hard. We're just trying to learn, we're playing good teams, and we're getting challenged every night."

"LaVert is really a talented player... maybe as good a guard as we'll see for a while. They've got size and shoot the three really well."

"We have to play smart, make foul shots... do all the little things in a game like this for us to have a chance."

"With coach Beilein he's obviously a phenomenal coach, and he has a system.  With LaVert, he has freedom to do a lot more, and he's such a talented offensive player."

"They'll have him, and we've got two of them. We'll just rotate a fresh one on him most of the game."

"They do a little bit of everything. One thing about Caleb and Cody is you know every night they are going to come 100 miles an hour. Their effort or how hard they play is never questioned. Those two guys, however they can help our team will try to do it."

"They'll just keep getting better. The more they play they'll keep improving."

"I think with Cat.. he's such a key to everything we do right now."

"This is a team that needs everybody. We need to have everybody play every night. We've struggled when we've had key guys not play well."

"You've got to bring it every night for us to have a chance."

"We've got that team with our personnel, who we have, and numbers... everybody has to bring their 'A' game every night."

"I think both of those two guys play so hard and footwork, those types of things go out of the window because they are going so fast."

"You don't want them to pull back too hard because they do so many things. They make things happen."

"I think they like the fact that no one can tell them apart."

"I'm not always right... sometimes I make mistakes [on which twin is which]."

"He's playing at a high level yet I think [Cat] can play even better... he's done a great job working hard this summer and once he starts knocking down the perimeter shot there's no telling with him."

"If he gets to the rim and gets fouled he's turning those into points."

"He's the second-best shooter in the gym and he just needs to ask Scott that. As long as [Maverick] is on balance and taking good shots, his light is as green as it gets... really Caleb too. Caleb has shot it well and the same thing, as long as they are on balance and taking good shots I don't want them turning them down.  They'll make them at a high rate."

"He's such a valuable guy... he can defend that odd-sized forward. Even against bigger guys he can becomes a matchup nightmare.  Even against LSU, we isolated him and gave him an opportunity to go at Simmons and get his fifth foul... he can find ways to take advantage of what he does with his quickness and the things he can do offensively."

"We have to be able to match that or put two bigs in the game and maximize our strength against their smaller team."

"Not really... it's another good game to play.  We'll see what happens."

"He admitted right away... he said coach it was my fault.  His first reaction was he hit me and I hit him back.  I think he's one of those guys who will learn from that."

"He just has to have poise. He and Caleb both, they take to coaching very well.  You talk to them, correct them, and they move on."

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