Gottfried: "We Have To Be Better"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Michigan.

"The first thought is you have to give Michigan credit. I thought they played good basketball. They had a good plan, they wanted to keep Cat out of the paint.  Cat had a hard time penetrating and getting to the foul line tonight."

"We had a tough shooting night, and I think a lot of that is on us. Again, I don't want to sit up here and act like they had nothing to do with it because they did, but we also had a lot of good shots."

"Maverick for a freshman played so well, he's been really, really good, but tonight he had one of those nights."

"Malik the same way, he struggled to score inside."

"Michigan is a very, very good shooting team. They spread you out and you're so concenred with their shooters at times... we were late rotating at times with our rotations."

"We have to be better... we struggled to score."

"Our kids played really hard, they never quit, and kept competing really hard. We just had a difficult shooting night. We'll learn from it and get better."

"We have to start scoring the ball inside. It's real simple. Between Malik, Lennard, and BeeJay they have to give us some offensive production. A lot of that is one-on-one back-to-the-basket moves. There's not a lot of double-teams... it's straight one-on-one scoring."

"When we get no scoring from our interior guys it puts so much pressure on Cat, Caleb, and Maverick to score every point.  The game is too hard to do that. We have to hav more balance."

"BeeJay was pretty good tonight.  He got it down there and scored a few times."

"We have to be better there... we have to work with those guys, we have to develop them better, and right now we're not getting nearly enough offensive production from our interior players."

"It puts too much pressure on Cat, Maverick, and Caleb to get every basket, and you can't play that way."

"Our first five minutes we made shots and looked pretty good, and then there was a lid on the basket after that."

"You play better and you play more. It's real simple. He has to play better. Right now BeeJay is giving us good minutes... Lennard defensively does some things. Cody we're playing him some at the four."

"It's my job to get him there. He's a young guy, he's a sophomore, and he's not playing nearly as well as he can.  I have to help him find a way to play at a high level. So far that hasn't happened but well keep working. The season is young and we have a long way to go."

"We'll be okay. I probably need to take him out a little more and develop Cody more as the backup point guard."

"He doesn't have to play 40 minutes for our team."

"I'm going to start recruiting me some Division II and Division III guys I guess. This guy played really well, and he stepped up and made big shots in the first half. We were so aware of him in the second half there were times we didn't help off of him and we should have."

"I need one of those guys out there... that was a nice gift from one of his former coaches. He's a good player for them. He's going to help them a lot."

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