Gottfried: "Our Guys Did A Nice Job"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over Bucknell.

Mark Gottfried PC

"I'm going to enjoy watching some football tonight a whole lot better now than if we would have lost.  I'll be glued to the TV... a lot of fun."

"Bucknell played great.  They shot the absolute lights out. They made tough 3's, three's on the run... they made them stepping behind screens. There were a few where I thought they got loose, but a lot of those they are making under diress."

"They played great, but our guys battled and never quit."

"I thought Cody got more comfortable, and he did a nice job. That was good for our team to survive with Cat not in the game."

"Malik hasn't played particularly well, but he came back tonight and I thought had a nice game."

"Maverick bounced back.  The guy gets 27 and made tough baskets at important times."

"We're one of those teams that's going to slug it out every night probably."

"They get in their league they can win a lot of games this year.  Five starters back, won 19 games last year, that's the kind of team I like to play."

"Our guys did a nice job."

"You have to remember all three are great competitors.  Maverick gets to play against Michigan on national television and he goes 1-for-11.  No one hurts more than he does... you can tell with his competitive nature he was going to come back tonight and he did."

"The same with Malik.There is a competitive spirit that says I'm not playing really well and I need to play better."

"We're a different team when we get scoring out of Malik, Lennard, and BeeJay inside."

"Lennard was great today with 13 rebounds and a double-double."

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