Gottfried: "We're Excited About The Win"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the win over High Point.

Mark Gottfried PC

"They've won their league and know how to win... our guys hung in there and kept playing.  They played really hard."

"Cody's steal I thought was a terrific defensive play and I thought on the foul-shot rebound Maverick and Lennard crossed the lane and Maverick did a great job of getting to it... he had the quick judgement to call a timeout."

"Cat just makes a big play there at the end... huge play.  I'm proud of our team."

'We're excited about the win and ready to go to the next one."

"I don't know for sure yet if there's any sort of fracture, but I do know that he rolled his ankle pretty good.  At the very minimum he's got a severely sprained ankle, that's at the minimum.  I'll find out here probably when I get done."

"We've got a quick turnaround so it's going to be difficult. We got to Missouri on Friday and play Saturday... we just don't know yet."

"We found one.  Cat has played great.  He made a huge shot for us tonight. I'm impressed with Cat for a lot of things.  He played 40 minutes tonight... he got six assists and no turnovers in 40 minutes... five rebounds.  He's just playing, he's like the Ironman.  He just never gets tired."

'I'm proud of where Cat is going to as a player.  He's really developing and becoming very, very good."

"At that point it comes down to getting a stop. They have the ball and they are in control at that point. Cody just made a great play, a great, instinctual play."

"I was proud of him.  It's one of those things, you'd never know with your team. We're thin on our numbers anyway and [Malik] spent last night awake.  I didn't anticipate him playing... wasn't  feeling very well at all.  I thought he played with great courage, really did.  He kind of played through it... he's doing a good job."

"We're going to get better as the year goes on.  Everybody has to step up and bring what they can bring. That's what we talk about everyday."

"Hopefully we can build on those things."

"I think so.  I think when you have a team like ours, a lot  of guys that are unproven is maybe the right word... any game like this givs us confidence."

"Success breeds confidence... we're kind of still trying to figure all that out."

"Every small step helps us."

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