SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- Greer (SC) cornerback Troy Pride recently took his official visit to NC State. He recaps the trip and updates his recruitment in this Q&A.

Greer (SC) cornerback Troy Pride Jr. recently took his official visit to NC State.  He recaps the trip and updates his recruitment in this Q&A.


How much is the Shrine Bowl prepping you for college in terms of competition?
There is a lot of offers on this field. There is a lot of guys that, and I noticed it the first day, everybody is fast out here. Everybody can run. It is about me adapting to it. Rising to the level of my competition. It is really a great preparation for college.

You were on campus at NC State recently for a visit. How did the trip go for you? 
 It was a great trip. I got a chance to sit down with a lot of great coaches. Coach Kitchens, Coach Barlow. I got a chance to talk a little football with Coach Barlow and just have a pretty good time with those guys. A little fellowship with them. They talked about the depth chart and where the see the program going. 

Which schools have you visited so far?
Officially, only Notre Dame and NC State. 

Which other schools do you think you might visit down the road? 
I was think the University of North Carolina, South Carolina, Maybe Ole Miss, they have been kind of wavering up and down. Maybe Tennnessee, depending on if they are really serious. The schools that are seriously offering me and are seriously in contention. 

You were committed to Virginia Tech. Are they still under consideration? 
They are. I had a chance to sit down with Coach Fuentes and Coach Gray--he was retained--so it is great to have those guys still being there. The defense (coaching staff) is still intact. 

What are you looking for when you make your decision?
I am looking for something that is an extension to home. That is the biggest part to me. A place where I can get the same teachings and chastising from my mother as I will from my coaches. To continue the drive to be great. That is ultimately what I want from coach to look for in me. That is what I look for as well as campus life. I want to have things to do after football. Family atmoshpere, campus life and the chance to get out there and play. 

Do you have a leader right now?
I woud say Notre Dame right now is sticking out the most to me. 

Do you know when you want to have a decision made?
I was thinking late-December. If I do have to take a couple of visits in January I will. I am hoping in December. 

Are you an early enrollee?

Do you have an idea about what you would like to major in at college?
I am thinking Mass Communications. That is what I have been looking at. Broadcast journalism and things like that, but I haven't set anything yet because I am still working through it. 

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