Locke rRoom Report: NC State

COLUMBIA, MO -- NC State's Mark Gottfried and Cat Barber met with the media after the win over Missouri.

NC State PC

Mark Gottfried
"Cat was just terrific again.  He's been spectacular for us every night, and he did it again today."

"Malik really rebounded the ball well, and I thought Cody Martin gave us a good spark off the bench, he got some steals."

"The second half we defended pretty well, so we're pleased with the win."

"[Barber] has kind of putt htis team on his back.  He's done it every night for us, he's made big shots, and he leads by example.  He's the hardest-working guy in practice every single day.  He never gets tired, and I rarely take him out the game.  He's just been really... he's played at a high level. I'm proud of him."

"Malik did a great job, but really everybody. That is becoming a strength of our team, to become a good offensive rebounding team."

"I challenged them at the half and our guys responded, as far as getting rebounds. I thought that was one of the big differences in the game."

Cat Barber
"We didn't come out in the beginning and play defense like we were supposed to, and they got up a little bit.  Our offense, we want everybody to be in to our offense for us to score."

"I don't keep up with that."

"I don't worry about all that. I do whatever it takes to help my team win.  They rely on me to make big shots, and that's what I come out to do.  I don't get into me having to do everything. I go out trying to help my team win games."

"It was a good shot... time was running down.  It put us up one, that was good, but we still had a whole half."

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