Bowl Practice Q&A: Nyheim Hines

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State wideout Nyheim Hines talks about the upcoming bowl game with the media.

NC State wideout Nyheim Hines talks about the upcoming bowl game with the media.

PP: Did you ever watch NC State play in a bowl game?

Hines: Yes sir, I saw the Music City Bowl, the bowl against Louisville.   The ones in 2012 and 2013.

PP: Do you remember the last time they were in the Belk Bowl?  Were you at that bowl?

Hines: When they beat Louisville?  I saw a little bit of it.  I remember it.

PP: How neat is it to be following State all these years and now you're playing in a bowl game?

Hines: It's great.  It's really remarkable. I know some of the guys on the team like Barr, some of the linemen, they remember going to it.  They told me it was a great experience.  I'm excited to be in it. To represent the team you grew up following in a bowl. It's just a dream come true.  There's nothing else I can say about it.

PP: How much do the extra bowl practices help?

Hines: It's great. People like me who didn't come in early we're getting more development, getting a lot more technique with our skill and craft.

PP: What ways are you being used in practice?

Hines: I'm running a lot of running back and receiver so I'm really happy about that.

PP: Does making a bowl help recruiting?

Hines: Yes sir.  Last year we played against a really good UCF team and we beat them, and this year we're playing a great SEC team.  It's all about winning out and a beating a great team like Mississippi State

PP: What's it like to have a bowl game against a SEC team?

Hines: It's great.  It's supposedly the best conference in college football. Everybody watches those games, primetime games. Everybody loves watching Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, LSU... it's great to play against them.

PP: How well do you think you did athletically and academically in your first semester?

Hines: Room for improvement in both.  I'm learning a lot on the fly, taking advice from the older guys and coaches. Those guys are really helping me through this semester.

PP: Is it great to have the semester over so you are now just focused on football?

Hines: Yes sir.  It's nothing but football. We're relaxing and getting a lot of rest. We're all really excited about it.

PP: Do you think NC State will have a nice support base in Charlotte?

Hines: Yes sir.  I've heard we've already sold out our side and are looking for more tickets. I can't wait to see all the people in Red there.

PP: How much are you looking forward to the experience?

Hines: I can't wait. I don't know how we got a bowl in our state, but everybody from here is coming. All of my family is coming. I know some of the gifts we're getting and it's great to be there.

PP: In the past they've let them ride in cars around the track [at the Charlotte Speedway].  Would you like to do it?

Hines: I don't know about driving... I'd like to, but I wouldn't go that fast.


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