PC: Barber, Abu Meet With The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Cat Barber and Abdul Malik-Abu met with the media this afternoon to discuss the season.

"Being a point guard or lead guard there's a lot on my back. I feel like I have to score a little bit for us to win the game, but we have a lot of other guys that can score too. For us to be good I feel like I have to score."

"If I score six points and we get the win I'm happy, but at times I have to take control, being the leader of my team."

"That's what I do."

"I feel like I can either score the ball or get somebody in position to score the ball. At the end of the game I want the ball in my hands."

"I talk to [Iverson] here and there. I have a lot of friends that were kin to him... I never really went out and chilled with him."

"He was telling me the process of how it is in college and the NBA. It was a nice little talk."

"I've been banged my whole life, coming through high school and AAU. I think my body is used to it.  I just come out to get ready for the next one."

"Just coming in... working, getting ready for the next game."

"Once I give it up they can deny me back, but coach doesn't believe anyone can keep me from getting the ball. I have to do everything in my power to get the ball back."

"We know it's coming, and we're going to do everything we can to prevent it."

"Just getting to the line more and having confidence.  I've always been a great free throw shooter.  My previous years I wasn't so great because I wasn't so comfortable or confident.  Now it's second nature."

"I didn't change anything. Just go up, my one dribble and shoot... two, sometimes one."

"It's something we try to avoid, and as of late we've been crashing the glass hard."

"I feel like I improved enough for the team to keep going in a positive direction."

"I'm just trying to still get better. I'm not satisfied yet, but I feel like as long as I keep working hard and attacking the glass only good things will happen."

"I like that.  We should throw it inside more and get some more production out of the frontcourt."

"Definitely, me BeeJay and Lennard, I play with them everyday and I don't see anybody better than us. We just have to go out there and compete and we can match up with anybody in the country."

"You're never out of the race until the season is over."

"It's real important. We have to keep working hard."

"Our gameplans have been right on... I feel like going into ACC play we'll be right where we want to be."

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