Gottfried: "We Have To Be A Lot Better"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the Wolfpack's season.

"He's shooting at a high percentage and he works on it everyday.  He's worked on his shooting over the last year and a half as much as anybody I've had.  He's done a good job of improving that.  He's a confident foul shooter and we need them."

"We chart so much on foul shooting, all throughout the fall and summer.  He shoots them at a high percentage every single day.  We shoot 20 after practice everyday and it's rare that he doesn't make 20 every single day.  19 is a bad day for him.  Everybody has to improve there, but Cat is the guy we want at the line."

"Obviously.  Cat, he knows Allen Iverson, and he respects him.  Cat loves to practice... he just loves to practice.  He practices hard everyday.  He's been a good role model for him as far as being a good basketball player. I think Cat is coming into his own now."

"He gets 33 the other night but it's 33 in trying to help his team win.  If he gets 17, 12, or 35 he's doing it to help his team win... I think he just tries to win the game.  If that means he needs to score more points than he does it."

"With Missouri, when he gave the ball up they were trying to keep him from getting it back.  He has to work really hard without the ball to get it, and with him too he understands people are playing him tighter now."

"He's improving every part of his game, and when he does it makes him tough to defend."

"We have to be a lot better there and other players have to be able to handle the basketball."

"Teams are going to try and tire him some... he has great conditioning and the guy is everyday practicing really hard. The guy is amazing with that.  He never seems to get tired."

"He's a tough guy to handle with that because he's so quick.  Missouri tried to focus in on him more than anybody else."

"He's going to see a lot of different things."

"His speed has always been a strength of his, but right now his mid-range jumper is becoming really tough."

"I love how coachable he is.  He wants to do the right thing everyday.  THat's one of the biggest reasons why he's improved so much.  He smiles everyday and is ready to go everyday. I think players like that get better."

"I told Caleb to keep shooting it.  If he's on balance and he's open and has his shoulders squared to the basket we're not taking that shot away from him."

"Caleb just needs to get that groove back."

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