Gottfried: "It Was Time To Win The Game"


"I'm excited to ge the win, but I don't think we played well offensively at all."

"Defensively I thought for about 34, 35 minutes I thought we were really good defensively.  We got up 12 and I thought we took our foot off the gas pedal... let them right back in the game."

"We couldn't make shots, missed two dunks, missed a lot of foul shots, had open shots.  On those kind of nights when offensively you're not playing well, defensively you have to be great from start to finish. I thought we played well defensively for most of the game."

"We have to get them all playing well together. I think if we do that we have a chance."

"Cat stepped up and played well."

"Caleb stepped up and made a big shot."

"Probably... that wasn't good.  I'm embarrassed. We were up six, at tha tpoint you just have to make them make tough shots against sound defense... next thing you know the best shooter on their team gets a wide open three.  It's beyond me really why we'd choose at that point, a couple of guys, to really take off and make those decisions defensively."

"That was not good."

"It was time to win the game.  I think we're a lot better than we played tonight.  Obviously you can play bad and lose and you can play bad and win, so we're still excited about winning."

"We had key turnovers on our part that led to three's on their end."

"We had a lot of things not go well, but still found a way to win, which is good, but we understand we need to do things a lot better than we did tonight."

"BeeJay is getting better.  Offensively he gave us a great lift early in the game."

"He's a really good defensive presence for us there around the rim."

"Let's move the ball better, let's set a better screen... you end up struggling more."

"We have to learn to be a little patient."

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