BOWL PRACTICE Q&A: Maurice Trowell

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Redshirt freshman wideout Maurice Trowell discusses the upcoming bowl game and much more.

Redshirt freshman wideout Maurice Trowell discusses the upcoming bowl game and much more.


How geeked up are you for the bowl game?
Geeked up, real geeked up. We've been practicing a lot, this is about the 12th practice. I'm real happy.

How is it going so far?
Real good... I've been moving around a little bit to different positions. Progress... it's been going real good.

What does this game mean?
It's just a bowl game.  We have to go out there and win.

The semester is over and now you can focus on football.
It feels good. I finished up pretty good, and now that school is over I can focus on football.

How did 2015 go for you athletically and academically?
I think it went good. I had a good semester and on the field as well.

What do you need to improve on?
I need to improve on a lot of things... technique on my game and other things.

Did you watch Southern Durham in title game?
I sure did.  It was pretty neat. I was really excited for them... I was really excited they could get back to it. 

Do you feel like you are representing them when you're here?
Yes, everyday.

What does that school mean for you?
It means everything to me. I won the state title, and I was there four years.  It was the best time of my life.

How did it prepare you for college?
It prepared me pretty well.  All the coaches played college football, and in practice we did a lot of things that could progress our games for when we get to college.

Do you expect some people from home to come to the game?
I sure do.

How many?
Probably about eight or nine.

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