Wolfpack Picking up Interest in Adams

In the past month, NC State's interest in Butler (NC) Safety Jamar Adams has increased, and he's feeling very good about it.

"NC State was not sure what they were going to do with me early on because they don't have many scholarships this year and have alot of young defensive backs," Jamar Adams told StateFans. "I talked to Coach Portee a few weeks ago and he said that they really like me and think I can play at NC State. Now they just want to wait until my first game of the season and evaluate me and my film some more."

Adams, who has offers from Michigan, Vanderbilt, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and Virginia, finished his junior season with over 70 tackles and 6 interceptions. He likes the Wolfpack because of a couple of reasons.

"NC State is a good school for engineering and I like Coach Amato's style. N.C. State's also a team on the rise and a good football program."

Last week, Adams's good friend, Jamaal Edwards, committed to Florida State. This didn't come as a complete shock to Jamar, who knew how much Edwards liked the Seminoles.

"We talked about that a few days ago on the phone and he said that he just liked FSU so he committed. We have to make our decisions based on what's best for us and go where we should go. Demario (Pressley) is the same way, and I think he's going to come down to NC State and Carolina."

So who does Jamar like at the moment?

"My favorites are Miami, Florida State, Michigan, Georgia, NC State, Virginia Tech, Virginia, and UNC."

"I'm just going to be patient and move on from there. At first I wanted to decide by the second game of the season, but I'm going to back off of that and just see who all offers me and where I fit in best. I'm a spiritual person and I think the school I choose will end up being the best place for me."

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