BOWL PRACTICE Q&A: Jaylen Samuels

NC State sophomore tight end Jaylen Samuels talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming Belk Bowl.

NC State sophomore tight end Jaylen Samuels talks with Pack Pride about the upcoming Belk Bowl.


How much fun are you having, still being around the guys?
It's still fun.  Working out with the guys is still fun, hanging around. It's always a pleasure to have a bowl game and an extra game to go out and play with your brothers.

You are the All-ACC tight end but you line up in the backfield and get flexed out.  What do you consider yourself?
I don't even know what I consider myself as. I just try to play whatever they tell me to play. They list me as a tight end but I can play different positions.  I really don't know one specific position.

What will it take to get to the top and are the guys you have coming back capable of getting it to the top?
The program is still going to continue to build. The guys coming back are still leaders. There won't be a big fall-off with the seniors leaving this year.

What do you think it takes to go from the middle to the top.  You'll have a new quarterback.
Jalan McClendon will just have to take more ownership, be more of a communicator, just step up in the role Jacoby was doing this year.  I think that can help build us to the top.

The two most reliable rushers aren't her.  How difficult has it been to piece things together and continue to give the team a solid running attack? 
Matt Dayes and Shad gone, it was hard, but we just try to execute. The next man steps up. It was a big part of our running game, but we just try to step up and make plays.

The schedule has been criticized.  Have you look at next year's schedule?
I haven't really looked at it, but I heard we're playing Notre Dame and Miami, which are big games.  That's exciting, so I'll be ready. 

We're still looking at this last game against Mississippi State.  They are a real good team.  For us to play a SEC team, it will help us going into next year.

How important would be getting the eighth win?
It's very important. This year we wanted to raise the bar, get nine wins.   To get this eighth win and not take a step back, that would be really big.

Can we expect anything unique from NC State against the Bulldogs?
Coach Doeren told us that he wanted every position group to come up with a trick play. Hopefully my position group will come up with the best trick play, and hopefully we can run it.

You haven't played quarterback this year... can you throw it?
I played Wildcat, but I haven't thrown the ball yet.  I don't know if they want me to throw it... not really.  I'm not very accurate with it.

So it's one trick play per position group?
Every position group will submit a trick play and he'll choose the best two.  So, I don't know.

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