CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State head coach Dave Doeren met with the media to discuss today's Belk Bowl.

"It's been great. The 70-degree temperature hasn't been all bad. We've been able to get out and practice at local high schools."

"You definitely get an in-state feel playing here... a lot of the people you run into on the street saying 'Go Pack' and wishing us well in the game."

"There are some great high school teams around here, and we've had a number of recruits at practice. We can't talk to them because of the rules, but they've been allowed to attend and watch."

"[Dak Prescott] is a great player.  Anytime you play a team that has a quarterback with his experience and production, it's going to be a reason they are that good."

"When you're coaching a young team... we're a little more experienced at some spots and less at others."

"We've seen a lot of growth in those players, night and day.  The season goes really fast and a number of things happen in the season."

"I think we're a much more competitive football team than we've been since I've been here."

"We play against a team that has a bunch of juniors and seniors on it, and it's noticable."

"That's the challenge we laid out in front of our guys going into this game... what can you watch in those 12 games we played that we need to fix and improve on so we can get through this next one."

"We both are from Adidas schools so there's different things you do because of that."

"Our wives have got to know each other."

"Being guys who have built programs as coordinators... both of us have capitalized in those opportunities.  There's just a lot of common ground."

"Our players have had a good business-like mentality... we're going to ask them to be professional... have fun and take advantage of the opportunity you've earned and enjoy the moment."

"There will be a certain way about them when we get on the field today."

"His poise.  He doesn't do anything that's over-the-top.  When things aren't good he handles it really well.  He doesn't turn bad plays into horrible plays. "

"He and Jacoby are similar.  They don't turn the ball over a lot. Us seeing our guy in practice helps us get ready for him."

"Really just trying to enjoy the opportunity."

"Just getting Charlotte players in practice around us.  We can't talk to them, but they get to watch us interact with our players."

"We recruit against each other on a lot of players."

"That conversation comes up quite a bit in homes."

"I'm looking forward to it."

"We'll see their lineup when we get out there, but winning the line of scrimmage is critical against everyone you play. If we can do it with our front four without blitzing, I think that's better for us.  If we have to add a fifth or sixth we will."

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