Samuels: "It's Very Exciting"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State sophomore tight end Jaylen Samuels discusses the upcoming Belk Bowl.

“I’ll say the Clemson game because it was very physical, and I prepared very well for it. I just felt like that was my best game.”

“I think I handled it well. I knew that I was going to have a lot on my plate with a lot of plays and learn a lot of positions. I just tried to get extra film in and work on my game to see what I can improve on every week.”

“I think it matters a lot with our offense. With a lot of motions and shifts, it messes with the defense’s eyes, just moving and changing your strengths and weaknesses up. I think with me playing different positions, it really makes defenses prepare harder for all the different shifts and motions, especially when we get in the red zone.”

“I just hope it doesn’t rain. I’m excited though.”

“It’s very exciting. I get to see all my friends and family, and they’re just right down the street.”

“I had a lot. I couldn’t get everybody because we only get a certain amount, but I tried my best to get the main people here. I going to give three to some of my home boys: Stephan Askew, Cameron Mattison who plays at Toledo, and Lawrence Pittman who played running back with me.”

“It was huge for them to win the year after I left and this year. I knew they were going to win. They had the team. Coach Palmieri is doing a great job over there with those boys, and hopefully they can go for another one next year.”

“I’ve been to three games this year. We practiced there Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It felt good. Some of the old parents came up to watch us practice. After the practice, they were talking with me. I was reminiscing memories back on the field while we were practicing. It was pretty fun.”

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