Rose: "The Future's Bright"

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NC State senior defensive end Mike Rose discusses the upcoming Belk Bowl.

“Wet and stormy weather helps to our favor. Their rushing game is not what it used to be, and in the situation we’re in now, we have him holding the ball all the time as the primary back. That means more opportunities for us to strip the ball and kill confidence.”

“He does a lot of zone reads and read option type of deals where he’s reading the ends and sitting on it or handing it off. In some schemes, we’d rather him pull it so we can hit him, but there are some schemes where we’d rather him hand it off because it’s the ideal situation where there’s five people over here and two over there.”

“It did, but Phil Steele gave it to me. Phil Steele’s the only one that truly believed in me.”

“Until you prove people wrong, they’re not going to respect you. I think NC State is starting to earn respect. This is the most All-ACC players I’ve seen on an NC State team in a long time since I’ve been here, like since Earl Wolff, David Amerson and Terrell Williams were here. It’s going to take a lot of points, yards and tackles to get where we want to.”

“I would say that it’s life coming full circle. I start against Tennessee and end against Mississippi State. It’s crazy how stuff like that happens, and you never really think about it. I started in the Belk Bowl, and I’m ending at the Belk Bowl. I think that this will be a great bowl for this team to show what it can do on a national stage, and I think that it’s a great opportunity we were given.”

“I liked it. It’s all great. I’d rather just play football. That’s what I’m about, but it’s good to see the young guys enjoy going to the basketball games and preparing for a big game. I think it helps for the future.”

“I think the future’s bright. It can only go up at this point. If it goes down, that’s just a disappointment, a major disappointment.”

“There were only three D-ends in this program you can say that were better than me: Art Norman, Mario Williams, and Manny Lawson. So give me my props, people.”

“I love the Wolfpack, and I’m glad I came here.”

“It means everything. It means I can get a job, and I won’t go broke.”

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