Gottfried: "We Didn't Make Enough Winning Plays"

BLACKSBURG, VA -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Virginia Tech.

"I'm going to start off and say that we didn't make enough winning plays down the stretch, whether it was getting a defensive rebound, making a foul shot... we're our own worse enemy."

"We have to be better late games, and all those things add up. When you have a lead and can't make a foul shot or get a defensive rebound... those things become magnified."

"Gotta give those guys credit, I thought they made a lot of tough shots."

"That's kind of the story of the game."

"When you're on the road I don't know if you're ever at ease.  We had to keep playing. I thought we played really well in the first half... at that point you kind of feel at some point the home team will make a little bit of a run, and what happened is we didn't answer it."

"That ended up being real difficult."

"We'll see.  I say to our team it's one game... even if you win what we say is a bigger game it's still one... you've got to move on.  Today is disappointing."

"We have a three-point lead and Cat is guarding Seth Allen. I think we have pretty good basketball intelligent people, and I think everybody needs to watch that screen and see if they'll agree with me. I thought that was an illegal screen. It was a tough one, but it wasn't called and you move on. Seth made a big shot.  That's one right there that would probably change the outcome of the game as well."

"That's a point of emphasis this year, something we've all watched since the opening night of the season, and there was no doubt that the screen enabled him to get free.  We could have defended it differently, could have switched it, but that's a tough one to watch on tape.  I've already watched it. That's a hard one to watch."

"I thought they played great. They made tough shots.  I'm not sure they had many free looks where they were open. I think every shot was a tough, hard contested shot. A lot of them were on the run, double-pumping, off-balance... they made some tough shots against good defense."

"That's the difference a lot of times in the game. It's never one thing. It's a culmination of a lot of different things.  They all add up. We didn't do enough of those things late in the game to win the basketball game."

"I thought they put their head down and said we're going to drive it 100 miles per hour to the rim."

"They made tough, hard shots... we're going to take it off the dribble and they had some success with that."

"We had tough matchups too with our guys, but give them credit, that's what they did."

"I thought we missed some good looks. We didn't get the ball on the block enough... that would have loosened things up some more."

"[Dennis Smith] is not going to play this year.  He's in school, and we're going to utilize the fact that he enrolled to get him ready for next year with all the rehab, but he's not going to play this year.  That's something we're not even going to consider."

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