Pack In Early With In-State Defensive Lineman K.J. Henry

West Forsyth defensive end K.J. Henry is just a sophomore, but he already holds several offers, including one from NC State.

K.J. Henry is becoming very popular with football coaches in the Atlantic Coast Conference, including those at NC State. Dave Doeren's staff has offered and so have the coaches at Duke and North Carolina.

Get ready for Henry to become recognized as one of the state's top 2018 football players. He wasn't one of those early risers spotted from a mile away, but Henry's sophomore season at West Forsyth guaranteed that he will have the kind of attention that some of players discovered before him now have.

Henry isn't letting the attention go to his head. He went straight into basketball season and that's where his focus is now. Henry (6-5, 220)  did take the time to go to games at NC State, Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Clemson and Tennessee and that busy schedule helped him get more recognition with coaches at those schools.

What does he think of NC State's early attention?

"They've been great," he said.  "They offered me about a month and a half ago and they're really wanting me to come up there to check out their campus. I've been up there for a visit already and I really like the place so I'm going to try to get up there soon. I was up there for a game."

His father, Keith Henry, used to be an assistant coach at Wake Forest. That strong connection to the world of ACC football means this Henry knows what a promising recruit needs to do and what he needs to avoid.

Because his dad used to coach in the ACC this player has made a lot of visits in the past. He said he has been to NC State multiple times.

"As of right now I haven't really picked out one specific school but as far as NC State goes I can say that I know I like the coaches and the campus," he said.  "I feel like the big campus feel is good. They're definitely a good program."

Henry said he has a grandfather in Raleigh, and he has a couple of friends at NC State. That makes the school a little more attractive and could make him more comfortable if State were to be the choice. But because he has traveled so much and has seen so many schools he has a lot of connections at different places.

Safeties and special teams coach Clayton White doesn't have to start from scratch when he tells Henry about the school, because he has been to NC State and knows more about how recruiting goes than a lot of other players. White has connected with Henry early on a personal level and is doing what he can to get to know him.

"He's a cool guy and he's always talking to me. He does a good job of talking to teenagers. He's real fun to talk to. He's come to one of my games. He saw me play. I didn't get to see him but I know he was there to be supportive of me."

Henry said White likes his, "athleticism, versatility, and how I get after the quarterback."

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