VIDEO: Barber, Martin On Louisville

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Cat Barber and Caleb Martin met with the media to discuss tonight's game against Louisville.

"The press... [we'll see it] for sure."

"They have a couple of new guys.  I think Lewis, Snider and some others.  They have different guys, but they all play the same way."

"I feel good right now. I just get my rest, get my treatment, and keep my legs fresh."

"I'm kind of used to it now, going into ACC play and throughout the year. I feel pretty good."

"My body, it's just trained. If I get banged up, I'll get treatment and the next day I feel like I'm pretty much 100% and ready to go."

"I think the same.  I just think the higher level is more physical.  You get bumped around a lot and banged a lot."

"I don't think I'm hitting the floor as much this year as I did last year and that's helped a lot."

"Mainly rest... coach puts me in and he'll take me out to get rest. In the off days I just try to stay in the bed and relax."

"I think I'll be guarding Lee, one of their best scorers. They are all good scorers.  All of their wings are good scorers."

"It's huge.  We feel like we owe them one from the Sweet Sixteen last year."

"With the Blackout, I know our fans are ready. We're ready to come out and play."

"They'll come in here ready to play."

"We'll be prepared. I'me excited."

"They had some big names leaving. Anton Gill was a good player, he left.  He had a good game against us. Harrell, he left. He was a good player."

"They have some good replacements. I know they are ready to come in here."

"They'll come in here ready to beat us."

"I feel like we're ready. It just shows how important it is to finish a game... not to take your 10-point lead for granted."

"There were so many second chances...we just have to make sure we end up closing the game."

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