Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Caleb Martin and Cat Barber discuss NC State's loss to Wake Forest.

"I feel like after we got in the press we got a little confused to see who got who."

"We were trying to find those guys running... we can all kind of switch but there was a little confusion."

"I just feel like little things, simple things like getting back in the press and trying to find our man."

"If we fix those things we'll be able to get on a little run."

"We all know we're not that far off."

"We're coming to play every single game and there were some good things."

"We have to fix those things."

"We want to win... I'm confident in my teammates and coach is confident in us."

"Mitoglu hit a big three."

"It's the little things, we fought back and in the second half they came out and got a big lead on us."

"They came back and hit us back in the mouth, and we didn't capitalize on it."

"I really don't know what happened.  We just fought and they won the game."

"If you dwell on a loss it will carry on to the next one."

"You have to get ready for the next one."

"We're close, we're not getting blown out."

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