Gottfried: "I Like My Team"

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media after the loss to Wake Forest.

"Gotta give credit to Wake Forest. I thought in the second half they took advantage of some mistakes we made defensively and made some critical three's."

"Our guys played extremely hard and never quit. We're a team that I feel in my opinion is a good basketball team. I like my team. We just need some success to get over the hump."

"We had good looks and couldn't make them."

"Wake answered... I thought Thomas took advantage of our foul issues inside."

"He was smart and went right at us."

"If I knew how to fix that one it would be real good."

"We have to figure out a way to do it for 40 minutes."

"It's not any fun. That's kind of obvious answer to an interesting question. I don't think anybody wants to be 0-3. It's different if you're 0-3 and not any good at all."

"I've seen bad teams before. We're not a bad team. We're a good team that's getting better. We just don't have a lot to show for it yet in the league."

"We're going to keep swinging and keep trying to improve."

"We had a small lineup in the game and played Cody kind of at the 4... we really hit the wall and got tired. When we subbed we went back big, we don't have enough guys to stay small... I think we lost them a couple of times at the end of the press."

"The big lineup probably wasn't what we needed at the time we just didn't have enough options."

"I think he did okay.  He just needs to get his feet wet a little bit right now. He did good. We'll see if we can find some minutes for him in the future."

"I thought he did fine.  He's still learning and coming along... he gave us good minutes."

"When we had our smaller lineup in there we could defend him a little better."

"We had some mistakes... we defended him much better when we had our small lineup in the game."

"Did he look tired to you at the end of the game? Not to me... 3:00 this afternoon I said to myself I'm taking him out tonight.  Then it's 8:30 when he's playing really well I don't know if I'm taking him out right now.  This particular team, he means a lot to this team.  It's hard."

"It was tough, hard to overcome.  Malik is the one interior guy for us who has been scoring. When Malik is the one in foul trouble it puts us at a disadvantage because it takes away one of our scorers."

"Lennard in practice has been doing a much better job. They are all going to play.  It was more Lennard as opposed to BeeJay."

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