Pack Has Head Start With Abrams

NC State was the first school to offer Vanceboro (NC) West Craven athlete Darious Abrams. He gives Pack Pride the latest on his recruitment.

NC State has a nice head start in the early fight for Darious Abrams (5-10, 204). They were his first ACC offer, and they remain his only ACC offer. West Craven's junior star is thankful for that and the jump start that NC State's interest could give to him.

Abrams did not have quite the junior year that he hoped for. He produced and was impressive when he was on the field. He did not do anything to call into question his standing as a target for the Pack and other schools. North Carolina and East Carolina have been looking into Abrams for some time and they still seem to be happy with his development.

But the year was different than he imagined it would be. Abrams was expecting to play quarterback this year, but that plan was short-lived because he tore a ligament in his thumb. That would have made throwing the ball a difficult assignment.

Abrams was not going to play quarterback mostly for his passing anyways but with the torn ligament his coaches decided to give him more snaps at running back and receiver. The tear did not keep him from catching the ball and that's a good thing as it relates to NC State's involvement. After all receiver or possibly safety are the positions that Abrams would be most likely to play if he picks the Wolfpack.

Abrams couldn't say what school is recruiting him the hardest, but the NC State offer speaks loudly on that question. There's a lot to like about NC State in Abrams' mind.

"I went to the Carolina game there last year, and I went to the Junior Day last year too. I went to the Troy game also. I like the offense that they run. It's just a spread offense in general and that should be a good fit for me because I can show my athletic ability in the spread."

Abrams also likes the "amazing" gameday environment he witnessed as a visitor at those games. There he saw that offense in person and that's where he was impressed with the pace of the tempo and the way the ball got in open space.

Des Kitchings may have gone to one of Abrams' games this year but the player could not say with total confidence.

"I didn't talk to him after the game but I think he did go."

Kitchings has Abrams respect because he has not just told him what he thinks he would want to hear like some coaches have. Abrams is faster than some of his registered testing times would lead a person to believe, but Kitchings has told him that is an area that needs to improve.

"He's said I needed to get faster and stay focused in the classroom."

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