Gottfried: Pack Preps For Heels

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

"Today was a day for us to watch the tape, there was a lot to learn, we understand that."

"At the same time, we have to get ready to play a very talented team in North Carolina." 

"Today was a good day. A lot of teaching, a lot of learning."

"Marcus is a threat in so many different ways.  He's earned our respect... he's earned my respect."

"It's probably the deepest team I've seen them have since I've been here."

"Last year stands alone by itself. The fact that we won maybe gives us some confidence."

"It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I imagine there will be a lot of players enter to see where they are."

"We want everybody to make the best decision. Like Trevor Lacey last year, does that end up being a great decision? Probably not."

"By the time you lose a fringe NBA guy, you're not going to replace that guy with anybody that's comparable. When you do have guys leave late in May, it makes it hard."

"Hopefully this year with the new rules it's going to help kids make better decisions."

"At the beginning of the year with Terry he was projected to be a starter with this team. There hasn't been a time and won't be a time this year that we allow that to be any kind of crutch or excuse for our team. We have other good players and their roles have increased."

"That's part of the turf of athletics, and we have to figure out how to still be successful regardless of situations like that."

"Other people comment to me about [having Henderson, Dorn, and Smith sitting on the bench]. It's just not something... we have who we have."

"I think we can play at times with Cat not in the game. The way the games have played themselves out... it's kind of forced us to keep him in there, but [vs. FSU] when we played Cody at the point I thought he did okay.  If we have to play that way I think we'd be fine like that."

"With Terry, the most important thing will be can he get to the point where he's truly 100%... cutting it loose, cutting, moving, jumping, defending. I don't think Terry wants to be in a situation where it will hurt the team if he's playing with a limp... limping around out there.  At that point it doesn't do any good for him or our team."

"It will be a wait-and-see.  Can he get to that point?  Maybe at that point in time we'll have to figure it out, but we're not there yet obviously."

"Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige are two examples of players that could have entered the draft after their junior year, maybe ended up on a roster in the NBA, maybe been drafted, but the decision to become seniors has been unbelievable for them and North Carolina obviously."

"With Carolina it's as deep of a team we've seen... that's a team on the bench that's probably middle of the pack in this league by themselves.  Theere's no question they are the deepest team maybe in the country, honestly."

"Their talent runs pretty deep this year."

"You hope that guys learns from other people's mistakes and other people's good decisions. I'm watching Oklahoma the other night and seeing Buddy Hield play and I'm thinking of Trevor Lacey. I'm watching Buddy, and I'm thinking of Trevor."

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