Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Cody Martin and Abdul-Malik Abu met with the media after the loss to North Carolina.

"You know I just think he was in a funk like every great shooter does, but that's just something he has to deal with."

"He'll get in the gym.  He'll get right.  He'll be fine."

"I did, the first couple of losses we had, even now I just think it's we're struggling to finish games."

"We can't just pick and choose when we want to turn the light switch on."

"Just talking, communication... helping each other out."

"Communication was helping us."

"We did take a step forward as a team. There's a lot of things we have to fix."

"We know we're a good team. We just have to move forward from this."

"We came out with not as much energy as we did in the first half."

"They are good players.  We knew they'd go on a run at some point."

"Other players on their team stepped up. That was the key, to try and stop those two."

"We just have to touch up some other things."

"There were a lot of second-chance rebounds, and that hurt us."

"We executed our offense well in the first half, and we defended well."

"They got a lot of second-chance opportunities... we have to do a better job of rebounding, including myself."

"I believe in this team... we're trying to get over this hump. We've showed signs."

"We went out there and played with each other... executed and stayed aggressive."

"That's the ideal situation... he's a good player, I just want to show that I'm a great one too."

"With Marcus and Brice scoring like that, that's ideal."

"Foul trouble was hard, they were really calling everything.  When you're in foul trouble it's hard to be aggressive."

"Those things happen... he's been holding us on his back most of the season. When he doesn't have it one night everyone else has to step up."

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