VIDEO: Anya Talks Duke

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior center BeeJay Anya met with the media to discuss the upcoming game against Duke.

"It's one of the first times all year, but we have to come out and play hard, try to get them in foul trouble, like teams do us."

"I feel they are more of a drive-and-kick team this year. Last year they had a dominant post in Jahlil.  [Marshall] Plumlee has done a great job this year, but they play a little different."

"We have to worry more about them driving to the hole and kicking out to the shooters than throwing it in the post and creating plays off the block."

"We were believing in our offense... I feel like we did a good job with that."

"His mindset, he's coming out trying to be aggressive from the jump. We're going to him a lot now and he's starting to feel it's a mismatch no matter who is guarding him. If it's someone strong he can out-quick them, if it's someone thinner or quicker he can overpower them. He's really trying to use those mismatches to his advantage, and he's done a good job of it so far. He's grabbing rebounds left and right... he's been a big asset ."

"The team was looking for me to match against Jahlil, he was a big name guy.  Mason Plumlee is a fifth-year senior I believe."

"We have to try and match their intensity, come out and play hard."

"I could be very valuable. He's a good driver, but at the same time he's a good playmaker as well so I have to be careful to leave my man to go and block his shot because he can throw the lob to Mason.  Not Mason... Marshall.  [Laughing] There's like seven of them."

"He's huge and athletic as well."

"Cody is a great creator. He can drive and he's a really good passer. He has passing first on his mind all the time so it's good to have him in there. He's also a good defender."

"They played a lot of zone on us last year... we have to come out prepared for that."

"We can beat anybody. We knew that from the beginning."

"It showed a lot of people in the country that we are a good team.  Even though we were 0-5 coming into that game."

"So we can keep me on the court as long as possible. Lennard has done a great job when I'm in foul trouble of coming in and doing what he does best."

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