VIDEO: Barber Talks Duke

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior point guard Cat Barber discusses the upcoming game against Duke.

"It feels good. We went to Pitt, and I think we played a really good game from start to finish."

'That game is over with. We needed that win, and we have to be ready for Saturday."

'Thease last couple of games I think he's been more aggressive. He's going to to he rim. We told him to stop trying to settle for jumpshots. He's big and strong and can jump over anybody. Go to the rim strong, and he's started to get double-dobules.  I think he's playing really well now."

"I believe we can, but coach K is a great coach. He always finds some type of ways to try and not let me penetrate and get in the lane."

"Whatever they come up with we'll be ready for it, but I know it will be tough."

"Coach K always has some tricks up his sleeves to try and stop me from penetrating.  Every team is different. I feel like they have a new team.  We'll see how it plays out on Saturday."

"Every game is different.  I think it will be different from the Pitt game and different from the game before. We have to go in and be locked in... run our offense."

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