Locke Room Report: NC State

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the win over Miami.

“[Gottfried] put a big emphasis on enthusiasm and effort today. He felt like we weren’t playing hard….I just feel like today we came out with enthusiasm and got a lot of rebounds.”

“We have been doing that really after every loss, just talking to each other, but after our last game I feel like we had a tough practice and it just turned around. [Gottfried] did a good job getting us ready.”

“[Gottfried at practice] said some things that I don’t think I am allowed to say. We came out today and got it done.”

“There was not so much talking as there was a lot of running.”

“Basically, he said just play hard. [Gottfried] said we can control if we go 1-for-7 or 7-for-7 but the only person that can control who plays hard is yourself. He said he won’t tolerate people not playing hard. I feel like everybody playing hard that is why we won today.”

“Everyone. The twins, BeeJay, Cat even rose up there and grabbed some. I grabbed some late. It was a full-on team effort on the glass today.”

“This game, I think we started the first possession with four offensive rebounds. We tried to bring that energy today and then in the second half bring even more energy.”

“[Gottfried] challenged us because he knows what we are capable of.”

“It is how we started the game. The effort, the hustle, being aggressive towards the rim and getting those rebounds. Running hard off of screens. It is all the little things that that led us to the victory.”

“We definitely got some crucial stops in the end and we made a lot of free throws. I don’t know what we shot or what the percentage was. We hit all the late free throws we needed to win.”

“We really needed this one. It is never too late. We still have a lot more games and it doesn’t get any easier. We are going to play some tough teams coming up in ACC play. What this is showing us now -- this game, the Pitt game, the first half of the Duke game -- is that we are capable of a lot.”

"It feels good after having that losing streak."

"We came out with more fire in the first half."

"I think we can compete iwth anybody, we just have to play the game the right way."

"We played the game how NC State basketball can play."

"We won this game, tomorrow we have to practice and get ready for Florida State"

"You can build off any win... we have a chip on our shoulder going into the next game."

"He was real tough, but he stayed positive with us."

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